Anyone Who Is Anything But Ordinary Deserves an IAM Air Purifier

IAM from Britain: of outstanding talent and nobility

With the advent of mobile internet, Apple fundamentally changed the aesthetic landscape of the digital industry. When the new IoT era arrives, smart appliances usually focus on higher performance at the cost of good design, or vice versa.

If elegance and capacity balance could be achieved for smart appliances, then who would be the “Apple”? Artisans from UK may hold the answer: IAM.

Quality air purifier, built with first class craftsmanship

As renowned legacy brand in Europe, IAM has achieved extraordinary success in smart appliance, especially air purifier manufacturing. Take IAM hit product KJ830F: in terms of the most significant four factors – CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass), PEE (Purification Energy Efficiency), and noise level, it tops across the board with similar price compared to other brands’ products. IAM could meet high-end users’ all kinds of expectations with its remarkable capabilities for purifying various types of airborne contaminants, including particulate matter, formaldehyde, bacteria, odors, allergens, pollen and smog, well worth “power beast” name.

IAM has always been pursuing cutting-edge technologies. Powered by Levma Sensing Technology, IAM air purifier accurately detects PM2.5 and various allergens in complex environment like minimalist modern apartment or lavishly decorated classical building. Alaste Purification System is adopted to improve rate. With unique twin-turbocharged centrifugal fans, IAM reaches 900 m³/h clean air output, which is sufficient to accommodate 237 people. Fans angles can be adjusted anytime, achieving all-around air purification.

Noble lifestyle, refined the British way

Besides ultra-high capacity, IAM air purifier also features elegant design, with humanistic touch for quality life. IAM is bristling with British-style elements: natural, simple, noble, subtle, and detail. Colored in classic style, IAM air purifier takes on bold yet humble appearance, every single curve in perfectly measured angle. Like a gentleman that will always find its place, it won’t be found unfitting among room decorations, nor be overlooked with its visual prominence.

Real-time indoor air conditions read from the embedded OLED screen subtly safeguards user’s health. Invisible casters allow it to freely move in any direction. Air purification is made more convenient with features like smart remote control, auto-shutdown, baby safety lock, and light indicator auto-turning-off enabled by Essex Photoreceptor System. IAM helps foster a pleasant living environment with royal services for users.

Noble in ancestry, outstanding excellence through strengths

Founded in London, IAM is affiliated with International Allied Management Group Co.Ltd. Featuring high performance, elegant look and humanistic design, IAM products have entered major department store chains in UK and Europe. All these achievements are based upon IAM’s relentless pursuit of technology and aesthetics – 3 design and R&D centers, 18 cooperative R&D institutions, and over 200 cooperative renowned designers worldwide. World-class teams have made IAM products significantly improve indoor air quality and meanwhile reflect users’ refined tastes.

Perfectly balanced elegance and capacity, IAM redefined modern smart appliances. Quality lifestyle has never been easier under the protection of your “private air butler” that is IAM.


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