CLC Foundation partners with Partron Ltd. to inspire healthy lifestyle through cryptocoin rewards

CLC Foundation has entered into an agreement with Partron Ltd that will result in development of fitness monitors that will reward those who will practice fitness with CLC’s new real-world value cryptocoin CalorieCoin.

Seoul, South Korea – May 25, 2018 – CLC Foundation, the developer of latest cryptocoin CalorieCoin, has recently entered into a partnership with top fitness monitoring wearable manufacturer Partron Ltd. The collaboration will lead to the development of fitness monitors that will reward those who will seriously exercise for optimum fitness with CalorieCoin. The new cryptocoin can be traded in a crypto-coin exchange and can be used to purchase health related products and services including sportswear, healthcare services and gym memberships.

What separates CalorieCoin from other cryptocoins is its real-world value. While most other cryptocoins lack fundamental and intrinsic value, the new cryptocoin by CLC can be used in real world to purchase products and services. 

CLC is committed to create an ecosystem of healthy living through sound fitness activities to curb the alarming rise in metabolic syndrome of obesity and diabetes today. 52% of people in the US are suffering from Metabolic Syndrome which poses serious health hazards and fast leads to fatal results. Irregular lifestyle and lack of mobility are two main reasons behind the rise of the chronic condition. Controlled diet and exercise are two most crucial avenues to tackle these menacing health problems. But unfortunately, people seem to procrastinate a lot when it comes to taking up a balanced diet and going for workouts which is only abetting the problem further.

And this is where CalorieCoin comes in.

Developed on blockchain technology by crypto experts, CalorieCoin is a crypto-based rewards application that will reward those who strives to live a healthy lifestyle. The main aim of the coin is to utilize the reward concept to inspire users to proactively join the fitness bandwagon that will consequently translate to reduced cases of obesity and  diabetes and also assure great savings in medical bills.

1 CAL (CalorieCoin) = 4,000 steps

The more you burn your calories, higher will be the rewards.

“We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Partron Ltd, the leading fitness-monitoring wearable makers for Samsung Electronics. We are committed to build a health and fitness ecosystem using blockchain technology which has led to the development of CalorieCoin. And now, together with Partron, we are looking forward to encourage people to actively participate in a monitored informed healthy lifestyle that will not only reward them with optimum fitness but also with real-value cryptocoins”, stated Seung Chae Chung, blockchain expert and the CEO of CLC Foundation.

“We are glad to partner with CLC Foundation. The company is doing a great job in inspiring a healthy lifestyle through its blockchain platform CalorieCoin. Health-related blockchain developments represent the 4th Industrial Revolution and are considered to be most advantageous in the current technological scene. CalorieCoin duly complements the movement and together with CLC, we are hopeful to see a fitter, healthier and disease-free generation in the near future”, noted a leading spokesperson from Partron Ltd. 

CalorieCoin is currently in its pre-ICO phase which will continue till May 31, 2018. The CAL token price for the pre-sale stage is – 1 ETH=40,000 CAL

CLC Foundation has also started a movement called “Walk with Coin Step” that will promote CAL coins through CoinStep app developed by Blockchain Factory. CoinStep is available on Google Play Store. 

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