On April 17th, 11 liberation CA5250 concrete mixer trucks equipped with Aowei CA6DL-280 engine of FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as “Department”) were delivered on schedule to the China Railway Indonesia Yaman High-speed Rail Project Manager; On April 23th, the head of the division concluded an eight-day visit to the Southeast Asian market, solidifying his confidence in overseas cooperation. On April 25th, South Korea’s Tata-Daewoo organized an annual global supplier conference in Wuxi, visiting the business department on the first stop… Since 2018, the business department has not feared the impact of the international trade environment. With the transformation of the structure and the brand of tree, it has made a great impression on the international market.

Adjust product structure  Seize market opportunities

Since 2018, in the face of the severe export situation, all overseas personnel of the Business Department actively explored new models and new ideas, and greatly increased the export volume of single-machine, six-cylinder and Aowei machines, and achieved good results. In the first quarter, more than 1800 single machines were exported, accounting for 55% of total export sales, an increase of 13% year-on-year; more than 1,000 units of six-cylinder were exported, accounting for 31% of total export sales, an increase of 8% year-on-year, of which, the sales of AWE, the leading product of the business division, was the same Increased by 7 percentage points.

It is worth noting that the first domestic engine that has obtained the US EPA T4 Final certificate—the engine of the Conway 4DW93-45DT4 generator engine, which is owned by the business division, has made a stunning appearance at the recent Canton Fair a few days ago and has received extensive attention from the industry. This not only shows the international level of its R&D and manufacturing, but also indicates that it is well prepared to enter the United States, the world’s most demanding market.

Holding high brand banner  Harvest market praise

“The development of Chinese companies in overseas markets does not depend on the number of sales, but on whether or not to create a brand with continuous influence.” said Qian Hengrong, party secretary and general manager of the Business Department. In recent years, the Business Department has dedicated itself to creating a competitive “internationally-renowned brand” and has gone to a place where it has cultivated a fertile ground. Through a series of brand promotion ways such as overseas image identification and media promotion, the company brand has continuously penetrated into various countries. And it has achieved fruitful results.

On April 17th, at the delivery ceremony of China National Railway and Indonesia Group’s Yaman High-speed Railway project to liberate concrete mixer trucks, the head of the project department highly praised the liberation vehicles and Aowei machines and praised them for the brand, quality, price and service advantages. As it won the affirmation by the China Railway Indonesia Yaman High Speed Rail Project.”

From April 16th to 23rd, Qian Hengrong specially took the team to visit Vietnam , Indonesia and other countries. Through “going out”, he visited the local cooperation OEMs and agents to conduct in-depth exchanges on future product support and marketing. “We will take advantage of the opportunity of regional economic development and emission upgrades to continuously increase our brand awareness and product sales,” said the head of the division overseas.

With the increasing popularity of international brands, more and more foreign manufacturers have turned their attention to the division and even actively “walked in” to visit. On April 25th, South Korea’s Tata-Daewoo held an annual global supplier conference in Wuxi. The president of Daegu Jin Guangui commanded the company’s top management and nearly 120 supplier representatives. The business department was chosen as the first station. And he frequently praised the product system, innovation and technology and intelligent production.

Deep tillage fine core service  Move the market pattern

Nowadays, the importance of the “post-service market” construction has become increasingly prominent. The Division has stepped up the pace of service enhancement in overseas markets. At present, the Division has established eight offices and more than 100 professional service stations overseas, providing overseas users with the convenience of maintenance.

With the sales of engine products in South Africa increasing gradually, in order to train and train a maintenance team that can master the whole series of products of the Department, in 2017, the Department launched a series of national service station maintenance service training.In February this year, the division held the first service technician competition in Johannesburg, which further improved the overseas service level of the division and strengthened the overseas service team.

Not only that, in Vietnam, the division seized the opportunity to upgrade the country, set up a service accessories training center in Vietnam. With the landing of Euro IV emission policy, many local vehicle factories in Vietnam have taken the initiative to support the liberation of Stannai engines. Besides being satisfied with their engine products, the consideration of service capability has also become the consideration for cooperation in terms of the vehicle factories. “We have placed orders for 120 Conway 4DW Euro IV at this time, which is a fancy for the service capabilities of the division,” said Changhai Co., the largest automotive manufacturer in Vietnam.

Tao is new, art must be new. The Division expanded its market with products, won reputation with its brand, and continued to achieve its goal of the historic leap from the domestic leading brand to the international famous brand, has a glimpse of the infinite scenery of the overseas market.

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