Dr. John McElhaney Launches 3 New Books this 2018

Dr. John McElhaney has published three new books this 2018. All three books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel for purchase. The first book is titled “When God Will Not Let Go.” It details the life of the author from birth until he was about 21 years old. It includes his experiences in the army and Vietnam, as well as the protection that he received from God during near-death experiences.

Dr. McElhaney became a fugitive on the run after coming home from Vietnam. He was captured by the FBI, spent time in prison and was released. The same thing happened again and again until God brought him home. Dr. McElhaney’s faith has helped him endure various things. The book shares his dedication to preaching the Gospel. He has written in his book that God won’t leave anyone until He brings them all the way to complete surrender to His will. The author wants to give readers an exciting vision of hope that God will not abandon them.

“When God Will Not Let Go” is filled with inspirational messages that readers can apply to their life. Dr. McElhaney wants to use his life experiences to spread the message of God. Through this book, the author hopes to provide readers with all the inspiration and guidance that they need in life. People have to make a lot of decisions, and they may sometimes find themselves in a situation that is full of hardship and suffering. They need guidance and wisdom to face these challenges and “When God Will Not Let Go” can give them just what they need.

The second book “If the Foundations Be Destroyed” is about the three institutes established by God – the Church, Marriage, and Human Government. These three institutes are currently facing adversities and controversies. The book takes a look at the things that are wrong today in these institutes. It also tackles the sins of the past and future in America, as well as the things Americans have never made right with the people they have aggrieved in the past. 

Dr. McElhaney’s third book is called “Becoming Successful God’s Way.” It’s all about success, including how one can become successful regardless of what other people say about them. The book tells readers that success depends on them and the way they choose to pursue it. “Becoming Successful God’s Way” also shares Dr. McElhaney’s story and how he built his first business without any money and grew it into a profitable venture that earned a good amount of revenue for 20 years until he sold it for a larger profit to pursue other things. The book also provides a list of businesses that interested individuals can start with little to no money. Those who would like to get a signed copy of the books can get in touch with the author.  

About The Author:

Dr. John McElhaney is an author who has written books about faith.  He currently lives in Sweetwater, TN with his wife of 47 years and their youngest son. Dr. McElhaney holds a Th.D. where he graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA. He is passionate about writing and teaching the sacred scriptures. Dr. McElhaney runs his own business in Tennessee and Florida. Aside from having radio and TV ministries, Dr. John McElhaney has also six pastored churches for almost 50 years. He is available for speaking engagements and aims to spread hope through his books, conferences, doing evangelism as well as radio and TV ministry.

For more information, email jmcelhaney@aol.com or call 423-836-7231. 

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