Su Hua, Kwai’s CEO: Bringing happiness to life with AI technology

After working on Optimising Information Retrieval system for two years and a half at Google Mountain View campus, Su Hua thought about what issues concerning humanity that can be solved with artificial intelligence. In 2011, he joined an unknown tech startup Kuai Shou, a short video sharing mobile app, with a clear vision to create something different for the Chinese people. 7 years after, Su Hua is now the CEO of Kuai Shou application – the no.1 video social media platform in China, with more than 700 million registered users and growing. What is even more outstanding about this application is that it already hosts more than 5 billion UGC videos to date, mostly without repeating videos. Whenever a user uses the app, thousands of video clips featuring daily lives of people from every single corner/township in China and every single kind of interests and hobbies you can possibly think of, are being presented within the application at the user’s disposal.

Su Hua,  the CEO of Kuai Shou

Kuai Shou has a noble mission and it is not about making money. Built around the belief that documenting and sharing life moment brings joy to everyone, the application is about helping users take stock of the various sparkles in their daily lives and to spread that contagious positivity. “Everyone desires to see and be seen by others. I’ve found the secret to happiness – capturing ideas and moments in life and then sharing it with the world in videos. Where there is a content created, there would definitely be an audience for it and Kuai Shou’s role is to help to facilitate the matching of the content to its audience and vice versa. And that is the key to adding happiness and joy in our life,” Su Hua introduces.

Today, Kuai Shou attracts more than 120 million daily active users, with almost 15 million original video clips uploaded daily. Users interact with each of these videos by liking, commenting, and sharing, creating a uniquely strong bond with the creator of the content. With so much dynamic activity happening in the application comes an unparalleled challenge: the ability to manage and process the enormous amount of information derived from the content. Kuai Shou team is no stranger to this and leverages on its very own state-of-the-art AI powerhouse to better manage the incremental content update and fulfil the needs of every single user, including the minority.


Content creation

Applications of artificial intelligence in Kuai Shou are being used at every stage of content management. For content creators, creative selfie stickers are built to provide additional features in creating videos. The building of an in-house proprietary YCNN deep learning model takes its entire body gesture-recognizing augmented reality technology a step further: Now users can interact with the virtual content even on low-end mobile phones, without any compromise in quality. For its booming overseas market, this is the first and key selling point in introducing the application, which is known as Kwai outside of China.

Content understanding

A major barrier to deep learning revolution remains at the amount of labeled training data that is required to train a model. In the domain of video understanding and emotion detection, gathering real world data can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. In Kuai Show, user behavior data is employed to tackle the problem and remove the block. Instead of painstakingly labelling existing short video clips, “crowd labelling”, extracting labels from user comments allows Kuai Show to dynamically generate large amounts of meaningful information for labelling at very low cost.

User understanding & content recommendation

Content recommendation engines have long been criticized for producing information cocoons of like-minded sources. Not wishing to repeat the case, diversity is taken into consideration in Kuai Shou. A two-way perceptual system between billions of users and videos allowing real-time understanding of both apparent user behavior and latent interest have been built. With that system in place, broadening users’ intake can be ensured.

Going beyond its comfort

With the mission of bringing happiness to every corner in the world, Kuai Shou set out for the overseas market end 2017, calling its overseas application, Kwai, instead. Achieving a stunning milestone of having more than 20 million monthly active users in just a short span of six months, and together with its gifted capacity to lower the barrier of creating content for ordinary people, Kwai is on its way to becoming one of the most popular social video platform in many countries.

Globally, according to the data report released by Sensor Tower, Kwai has been ranked fourth just behind American counterparts, Tinder, Netflix and Pandora, on The Ranking List of Leading Non-mobile Game Apps in January 2018.

Kwai is not just the most downloaded video sharing app in China, but also the most downloaded app in more than eight countries on both Google Play and App store.  Topping the charts as most popular app in South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia,Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey; Kwai is also the first in the industry to introduce a “Parental Control” function that protects children and youths.

The mission is clear for Su Hua and his team, for both China and its overseas markets.

Lifting the level of happiness with technology

The relationship between happiness and technology has always been a subject of discussion by critics. However, with its beliefs grounded in bringing joy and happiness to the world and wherever it inhabits, Kwai is determined to redefine happiness for the world.

Some stories on Kwai:


Eva is an ordinary village girl from Pontianak, Indonesia who works in a local supermarket and does not look like a girl who has an outstanding talent in singing or dancing. However, through Kwai, she managed to discover her own talent and style in singing and dancing. Eva charms and brings joy to her 155k followers daily with her beautiful smile and cuteness. 


Viktoria Andrienko is a young and talented Russian singer who tried to make it to fame through Instagram and Youtube but failed. A year after, she started her journey in Kwai and shot to fame almost immediately. She has since gained more than 400,000 followers. Sometimes she even gets recognized on the streets. Kwai has helped her find her audience and followers and made her dream comes true.

Vietnam: A video a day keeps grandma at play

Tạ Công Bằng might possibly have one of the most heartwarming and adorable Kwai accounts. She loves creating short videos with her grandma and wants to capture and remember every single moment before her while she’s still around. For Tạ Công Bằng, it is a blessing to have Kwai to document such precious moments. For her grandma, Kwai is this amazing wonderland that has opened up her eyes to the entire world.


About Kwai

Launched in 2011 and headquartered in Beijing, Kwai has over 700 million global registered users and more than 120 million daily active users. The short video social platform has over 5 billion user-generated content since its beginning and is invested by giant internet companies such as Tencent and Baidu.  Kwai prides itself as a user- oriented technology driven company and is committed to continuously invest in the state-of-the-art AI and big data technology to improve and redefine user experience and the way one lives.

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