The ETHZG-coin project was officially launched to create a precedent in the era of digital economy.

Recently, the ETHZG-coin project issued by the Doctors and nurses to the world fund is officially opened, and the global sale share is 2 billion ethernet (ETHZG). As block chain technology is widely concerned, the world economic structure and power migration are made up of bit information, and “negative entropy” information flow and bit flow have become a part of the survival and operation of enterprises and institutions. According to the introduction, the ETHZG project not only carries a complete and effective protocol system for the transaction and interaction of diversified digital assets, but also uses a friendly POW algorithm to upgrade the index into a new super Ethernet chain on the basis of the public chain of the Tai Fang, and to build a diversified asset registration system. The de centralization of circulation and the distributed network of world commercial level block chains.

It is reported that the technical features and innovations of ETHZG include artificial intelligence chip POW algorithm, super intelligent contract, enhanced chip technology, cross chain asset transaction and bonus, and ODIN identification for asset naming. The ETHZG public chain brings the technical advantage of the block chain to the users of the industry and the ordinary Internet users, and together with third party developers, enterprises and institutions to provide the central application for the public, together to create a new global business ecological economic system.

Talking about the role, the ETHZG chain can be used in the management of the income group project, really make the funds special for the funds, let the investors have no worries, and can realize the way of public financing such as the public financing of the Jingdong. In addition, the ETHZG makes the shares transfer, transaction, registration and management of the non-listed company free from the complicated paperwork. And saving management cost; for private fund management, ETHZG can make the fund share easier to transfer and trade, transfer the fund premium or discount at any time. Management of securitization assets through the ETHZG chain can greatly improve the efficiency, security and traceability of the operation of asset securitization, and realize the safe storage of transaction data. It ensures that information is not forgery and tampering, and automatically implements intelligent contracts. At the same time, it effectively solves the problem of inter agency time-consuming and laborious reconciliation.

The successful opening of the ETHZG-coin project is inseparable from the strong core technical team behind it. Edwaard sanghi, the chief block chain technical officer, is a senior expert in the early investor block chain, and has its own deep understanding and thinking in the currency industry and block chain technology; the chief architect Hakeem Olajuwon has given great support to the underlying architecture of the block chain. Hakeem Olajuwon is proficient in JAVA, JS, C++, Shell, Python, Mysql and so on. It is good at the program development of credit, card, PayPal GE, and other payment methods. There are also Clinton Marin development managers who are proficient in encryption algorithms, digital purses and so on, and Jocelyn della, a doctorate from the National Institute of Applied Sciences, France, for technical guidance.

The success of the ETHZG-coin project is unforeseen and reasonable. It has a strong technical team and core technology, and it is imperative to start the era of digital economy.

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