EOST will carry out multiple rounds of large-scale airdrops towards all EOS users

EOST will carry out multiple rounds of large-scale airdrops towards all EOS users.

EasyEOS is a global distributed community and block producer service provider. EOST is their token name.  They are committed to building a blockchain community with a high degree of autonomy, full functionality and benefit sharing.

High degree of autonomy:EasyEOS token will not be privately funded, not ICO, 90% tokens will all give their community users, 10% for community development and operations. And they will choose the role of national partners, city partners, etc. within the EasyEOS community. Developing a community of EasyEOS based on the national and city nodes. The future of the community will completely depend on the community’s intentions. And 90% of the profits generated by the community will be used for the repurchase of tokens, so that community users can get rich benefits.

Perfect function:As a community operator, EasyEOS will strive to create value and profit for the community. They will build three important systems within the community. Investment and incubation system、DPOS election system、Computing capacity rental system. EasyEOS will set up a special community fund. Only community users can join the fund to find quality projects for incubation and investment in the world. The main chain of DPOS mechanism will be more and more. Help users rent out their own EOS to dapp. So that EOS appreciation.

Benefit Sharing:Different from other communities,EasyEOS team rewards community users with benefits through token buybacks. 90% of community profits will be repurchased by user tokens. Sources of profit include block producer rewards and investment income.

Currently they are one of the EOS block producer. Also committed to make a significant contribution to the community EOS.

Therefore, they will give 90% of all tokens to community users in the future through multiple rounds of airdrops. It is reported that they have announced the first round of airdrop plans. And it is said that the second round of airdrops will double in size. Ways of obtaining will be announced in their telegram group.

The First Round Of Unconditional Airdrop Plan

Token Name:EOST

Snapshot Time:2018.6.5

Airdrop Time:2018.6.8-2018.6.30

The Basic Price Of EOST:Rivet price 2 USD(Does not represent a token value of $2, but instead uses a unit of 2 dollars as a delivery standard)

Airdrop Ratio:EOS:EOST=1:1.333

Who Can Get The Airdrop:All wallets with EOS tokens,have no minimum currency limit

The Second Round Of Conditional Airdrop Plan:

Snapshot Time:(No more secondary snapshots. All wallet address and currency are based on the June 5 snapshot data.)

Airdrop Time:2018.6.30-2018.7.31

Airdrop Ratio:EOS:EOST=1:2.666

Who Can Get The Airdrop:Limited users, specific conditions will be announced by the official Telegram

Official Telegram Group:https://t.me/easyeos

What is EasyEOS?

EasyEOS is a financial project on EOS, and the team consists of top talent people in the blockchain field. Founding members have accumulated more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and have extensive project experience and entrepreneurial experience.

EOS.Hedging is also one of the EOS Block Producer and They are out of all ratings!

The Investors

They are joint invested by Didi Capital’s angel investor Amoeba Capital and China’s largest startup media company CYzone. They are also invested by a number of well-known individual investors in the blockchain field. Kevin, partner of Amoeba Capital and Mary, CEO of CYzone joined the project as their super consultant.


Media Contact
Company Name: Hedging.Network
Contact Person: Lib.Li
Email: Send Email
Country: HongKong
Website: https://www.easyeos.org