Isis Jade Launches Podcast Series for Unlocking the Goddess Code

Los Gatos, CA, USA – May 25, 2018 – Known as the Wealthy Goddess to her fans, Isis Jade has overcome abduction, torture, and near death at the hands of a human trafficker. She’s used those experiences to heal herself, and dedicated her life to inspire and motivate women around the world through her Wildly Wealthy Goddesses coaching, books, courses and new podcast series.

“I work with entrepreneurial women who have suffered trauma or abuse in their life to become fully self-empowered, self-expressed and successful in delighting themselves in life and serving their purpose at the highest levels with ease and grace,” said Jade.

Jade’s incredible story of overcoming abduction, captivity, torture, near death, and life-threatening health issues has been an inspiration to thousands of women. She’s dedicated her life to being a powerful voice for women in need of healing, confidence and personal power, teaching them how to transform their inner lives to achieve wealth and success using their innate talents and their soul mission in life. Her nonprofit charity, A Child Unchained, raises money to liberate children from traffickers in the hardest hit regions of the world.

Jade, an expert intuitive in business strategy, leadership, personal power, and The Law of Delight, shares her hard-won wisdom and insights during her new podcast series. She addresses topics ranging from the seven attributes of intuitive leaders, the universal laws of success to reaching your full potential. Her strategies for teaching women to use the hidden Law of Delight, and feminine power to become a magnet for prosperity while serving out of bold, courageous love at the highest levels has attracted a following of loving fans. Jade guides women through unique strategies that help them regain their sense of power, heal trauma, rediscover the delight and joy in life, deepen self-love, self-worth, belief, and self-value and showing how how women’s inner relationship with themselves affects their success, money and happiness.

Available by application only, the coaching offered by Jade is designed for women entrepreneurs who are struggling to become financially free or frustrated with trying to bust through their limited beliefs and blocks to become successful. Jade shows women how to channel their energy into creating success that allows them to attain the life they long for.

Wildly Wealthy Goddesses offers coaching, self-paced programs, and retreats providing women with strategies they can immediately begin to use to transform their relationships, income, businesses and success. The step-by-step strategy dispels financial limitation by addressing hidden traumas that may be holding women back from realizing their full potential. Women will gain a deep sense of power, magnetism, passion, and confidence while learning how to manifest their goals without being overwhelmed, undervalued and succumbing to overwork, stress or burnout.

The podcasts, coaching, and Wildly Wealthy Goddesses training offered by Jade provide women around the world with the knowledge, strategies and techniques needed to “Unlock Your Goddess Code™” to transform their inner struggles, so they can live life out loud on their terms. Jade is living proof that women can turn their trauma into triumph and their mess into their message to achieve the success they truly deserve.

About Isis Jade

Isis Jade is a best-selling author, empowerment coach, world renowned intuitive and expert on the universal laws of prosperity and success. She works with women who have suffered trauma or abuse in their life to become fully self-empowered and successful. An inspiring motivational speaker, former CEO and Fortune 500 consultant, she coaches women on feminine power, magnetism, serving your mission in life at the highest levels, and the Law of Delight. She provides guidance through her podcast series and works to educate, mentor and coach women in self-improvement and self-growth. Her nonprofit charity, A Child Unchained, works with volunteer organizations to liberate children from human traffickers around the world.

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