May 25th, 2018 – Reggae recording artist and musician Yishka is said to release his new hot single ‘MY MY MY’, a classical reggae genre love song recorded and produced by record label JTMC MUZIK under the special talented guidance of ace producer Joanna M Chin Loy.

The single ‘MY MY MY’ which happens to be a cover of Johnny Gill’s popular hit tune ‘MY MY MY’, released on the 18th of May 2018. When asked about his perception towards his cover track, he said ‘I love singing love songs so when Joanna Marie said I should record ‘MY MY MY’, I was definitely on board. I could hear myself sing this classic love song. Then I heard the track it sounded awesome to me then the support vocals was done so all I had to do was put the icing on it. I hope when people hear this version especially the ladies they would want it to be with the person that they love. ‘MY MY MY’ is a song you definitely want to dance real close with that special someone, I hope you love my take on this classic love songs’.

From the hook/title, melody and lyrics down to the beat, ‘MY MY MY’ is unarguably a hit, the song is completely distinctive and yet completely universal. The lyrics and melody are simple and presented faultlessly (listener friendly) by Yishka. ‘MY MY MY’ is definitely the perfect love song that can make one look up to their radio all the time just to hear it play, it’s never going to be the listeners regret especially for lovers of love.

Talented artist Yishka, born in Kingston Jamaica on the 1st of October 1957, son of top line entertainer and popular West Indies singer Teddy Greaves a husband to Barbara Greaves. The Greaves were well-known lovers of music as Teddy didn’t fail to introduce music to his children at a very tender age. At the age of 12, Yishka attained senior level membership for the Bahamian Boys Bugle Corps where he played both the bugle and trumpet. Notwithstanding his family’s migration to Nassau, Bahama when he was a baby, Yishka never stopped loving his origin Jamaica which he returned finally to in the year 1973. His first public appearance was when he accompanied his father Teddy to a hotel at Montego Bay, in Kingston he joined a band named the ‘United Stars’ where he learned to play the saxophone. He was soon recruited by a successful group ‘soul syndicate’, a group that opened live concerts for Peter Tash and ‘Third world’ and backed top reggae artist including Dennis Brown, Max Romeo, ‘The Heptones’, and ‘Big Youth’. He attended the Jamaican school of music under the tutelage of Melba Liston and Cedrick Brooks and then in 1978, he realized he’s become a much more requested vocalist and this propelled him to form the first reggae band ‘Roots Uprising’ in Miami together with his musician brothers which led to the recording of two great albums ‘Beautiful Magic’ and ‘Magic City’ which featured original songs by Yishka. Along the line very renowned and talented artist Stevie Wonder recognized and called for a meeting with him and his brothers Asha–T and Gershi in Los Angeles.  While in Los Angeles, Yishka completed Jamie Font’s creative music course and then on February 1st, 1986, he premiered his solo cabaret performance at the Sheraton hotel in Ocho Rios. His unique blend of pop, reggae and romantic ballads, his energetic dancing skills, saxophone wizardry and electrifying charisma have catapulted Yishka to the height of entertainment in Jamaica even till this time.

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Yiska has toured with Damian Marley, Third World, Inner Circle, Nadine Sutherland, Ky-mani Marley and Barrington Levy. His musical talent had been recorded in albums by Third World, Ky-mani Marley, Judy Mowatt, Freddie McGregor, Everton Blender, Dennis Brown, Pam Hall, Mr. Vegas, Ed Robinson and Benjy Myaz to name a few.

He is well known for his great performances all over South Florida, was voted best of Miami in entertainment, has played at Piano Bar Hard Rock in Hollywood, performs with American Roots of Jamaican music, I-Land Vibes, and many other famous recording artists.

Anticipate evergreen hot love single to drop soon ‘MY MY MY’ BY Yishka… for more information regarding this press release kindly contact song producer Joanna M Chin Loy for JTMC MUZIK:

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