AirP2P Cloud-Tech and Global Network Goes Live Now

The aesthetics of AirP2P are solely not based on the blockchain ICO technology but owing to the formulation of a globalised network, it also has an integrated cloud tech associated with it. This cloud based platform will have its very own set of benefits and enable users to have access to an array of features as well.

With aid from the internet which is incredibly faster in the modern age, people will be able to rap in the benefits of cloud based computing and thus stream the digital media live on to their very own computer screens. The AirP2P network is a globalised foundation powered by the blockchain technology which will ensure that everybody has access to high end PC configurations with relative ease.

Insight into the salient features about the network

The cloud based technology is powered by the internet and the blockchain platform owing to which it has an array of features associated with it. To sum up, the most enticing features among the lot can be envisioned as follows:

  • Access to their own virtual PC online: The most promising and [productive feature can be envisioned as the fact that people will have access to their very own virtual PC online and would not need to physically upgrade their system.
    Using the integrals of the software and the cloud-computing tech, people will have access to the requisite computing power which will help them save time and money. With the ascendancy of 5G networks on the brink, seamless connectivity will ensure premium user experience.  
  • Accessible via Android, IOS and PC: The cloud based platform which shall be structured by virtue of ICO crowd-funding shall be compatible with multiple platforms. This will ensure that people from all over the world, irrespective of their preferred platform will be able to access the technology and globalised network.
    AirP2P is compatible on the IOS, Android and the PC platform and thus addresses all of the prominent user platforms which are active around the globe.
  • Cutting on costs and maintenance: High end PC configurations tend to come at a huge price. At times this arises difficulty in terms of affordability and thus isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. The purpose of AirP2P is to eliminate these shortcomings and limitations.

At a rather affordable rate, people will be able to rent high end machines for a certain period of time as par their requisites. It would help reduce the overall cost incurrence owing to the fact that the people will not have to upgrade their systems at a phenomenal pricing and also not spare huge bucks in maintaining them either.

The platform has been carefully orchestrated to bring forth a globalised network which would be especially beneficial to gamers and students associated with graphic and game designing. It would also impact the bloggers and modern day “vloggers” alike since such aspiring individuals also require high end configurations to edit their video and photographs.

Overall it would address the woes of a huge community that comprises of a large number of individuals in need of high end computing tech.

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