The First Arabic Reggaeton Song Ever Made

Although the title sounds very intriguing, because people cannot see the connection between an Arabic song and the Reggaeton style, the Moroccan singer, writer and composer Ahmed Sennaoui could combine them in a perfect way.

He made his words genuinely fit inside the Reggaeton rhythm in “Habelni” meaning she drives me crazy, which is the tittle of the song he has released lately on his youtube channel. It is a magical mix of the Arabic one thousand and one night’s atmosphere, the Latino style with an Algerian rai style touch.

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The Moroccan singer expresses the diversity of several musical styles in his work by combining the eastern and the western sounds and making them melt together to form a universal art trend.

In the video as well, he made the distant worlds meet again when he put- with the help of the staff he worked with- the Reggaeton dance shots, the desert and the camel shots, and the magician shots together.

It is simply the simplicity of the diversity, which seems like a unique trade mark of the

Moroccan international singer Ahmed Sennaoui.

The project was produced by top art company in 2018 and it was released a few days ago, the executive producer Ibrahim Alsaid stated that the project took the e orts of so many young talents besides the funding of the company in order to see the light, he said that it was a big challenge for the artist, the staff and top art, and they had to work hand in hand and give their best to make it happen.

He gave an enormous credit to the talented young director of the project Ahmed Abdelhalim who masterly led the artist and the co-workers and was in charge of the animation and the 2D modeling as well.

The teamwork had in mind the perception of a project that should be different in its structure compared to what the other artists release, so and in order to make the video full of life and to avoid the monotony of the regular events and the typical story line of love and narrative shots as it mostly appear in the nowadays video clips, they decided to make the shots short and to create a diversity in the backgrounds, the frames, the weather, the costumes and the characters themselves.

All these factors were put together to get the audience tuned.

Top art and its teamwork are actually working on another project and the leaked news say that it is a song about the 2018 world cup in Russia, the source did not give any details other than that the project will be full of motivation and humor, and  it’s going to be released very soon.

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