“Princess Maria Amor blowing her birthday candles surrounded by the Royals of Cambodia- Prince Agarameshwara and Princess Souma Sisowath, Aphinita Chaichana, Nitin Gajbhiye, the wife of Social Justice Minister, Monk Sangay”
We Care for Humanity (WCH) and G.O.D. Awards Founder, Princess Maria Amor celebrated WCH Founder’s Month at the International Conference for Peace and Equality among Royals, Dignitaries and Buddhist Monks in Nagpur, India.

A resounding cheer echoed inside the hall of Kevi Suresh Bhat Sabbagruba when Mr. Gagan Malik, Indian actor-host of the International Conference for Peace and Equality announced the birthday celebration of Her Highness Princess Maria Amor of the Royal House of Baloi, Philippines. Maria celebrates WCH Founder’s Month during May which is a twin celebration of We Care for Humanity’s Anniversary and her natal month.

Felicitating the Princess and handing the special gift was Hon. Rajkumar Badole, Chairman of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Samata Pratisthan & Minister of Social Justice & Special Assistance of the Government of Maharashtra, his wife, and other VIP guests. The crowd got excited when Maria expressed her gratitude, “I am speechless and deeply moved by this special tribute for my birthday! In this life, you will meet people who will leave an imprint in your heart and make an impact in your life. Without a doubt, people of Nagpur, you definitely imprinted my heart. I love you all!” exclaimed Amor.

Later that evening, a small after-dinner party was held in honor of the Princess’ birthday, organized by Mr. Nitin Gajbhiye, the key person of the whole conference and the one responsible for so many international delegates. A beautiful dance ensemble from Cambodia was showcased courtesy of the royals of Cambodia, His Highness Prince Agarameshwara Sisowath and Princess Souma Sisowath who also delivered a short but beautiful song earlier at the hall. The guests serenaded the Princess with the birthday song, followed by candle blowing, cutting of the cake, presentation of sparkling gifts and a lot of appreciation by and for the Princess that evening.

In her small vote of thanks, Maria said: “I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring love I received from my friends especially from Nitin- you went out your way to celebrate my birthday, not just an ordinary celebration but an extravagant one, I will always be grateful to you. To His Highness Prince of Cambodia- I am honored by your presence alone, yet you surprised me with gift after gift, I felt truly loved! Her Highness Princess Souma, your lovely voice charmed the people of Nagpur, thank you for granting my wish, your song is a gift, not to mention the beautiful traditional Khmer fabric you cloak around me. To Aphinita (Chanchao), thank you my dharma sister for being my good friend always, you are glittering just like your gifts. I also want to thank Gagan Malik for paving way to my celebration, the two-beautiful life of the party- Nichy and Nicky and to the rest of peace lovers who came to the event and celebrated the Vesak Day, I am happy to have met all of you.” 

The Princess, who came straight to Nagpur from the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in France said that she left the festival halfway to attend the auspicious event as she felt there is a much need to promote Peace and Equality which is the theme of the conference than mingling with celebrities in Cannes. Prior to France, Amor toured extensively the Balkan region including Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia with the help of her friend and partner for the G.O.D. Europe, Professor Arben Sulejmani, President of Bektashi Community of Macedonia. While in Bosnia, Maria was hosted by the Former President, H.E. Haris Siladjzic and wife Selma, and in Croatia, she was given a private tour by the Former President, H.E. Ivo Josipovic.

After the successful and blissful Vesak Day and Birthday celebration in Nagpur, the Princess is now gearing up to build an International Education Institute, charitable Nursery, Primary, High School and Colleges all together in partnership with Mr. Nitin Gajbhiye, the owner of the land where the institute will be structured.

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