NYC-Based Sisters Launch Personalized Board Game Company

Game night should bring people together. Whether you’re old friends or new neighbors, a fun game is something to get excited about.

But what if the games you grew up with have started to feel a little played out? If you’re looking for a game that’s different every time you play it, and so much more than a roll of the dice, check out Bundle.

This personalized game is an instant conversation starter that can help you get to know new friends, or remember the good times with old ones.

“The most unique thing about Bundle is that we create different versions of the game depending on the type of people playing it,” said co-creator Cassie Collier.

Sisters Cassie and Jacklyn Collier created Bundle as a gift for their family. Once they saw how much it was to play a game that revolved around their own experiences, they knew they had created something that would be fun and different for everyone.

Based on a questionnaire that customers fill out, Cassie & Jacklyn then create a custom game that curates each person’s memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Bundles can be played in a wide variety of occasions, including a family vacation, college reunion, or beach trip with friends.

Bundles can be purchased on their website

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