Mista Gwalla Promoting His Music Online With His Latest Project On Streaming and Video Sites Now

New Project Top 5 Growing As a Hit on YouTube and Instagram

May 25, 2018 – Mista Gwalla is aiming to make himself one of the top names of the rap game. He has been promoting his new content recently and is doing so with some of the top names on Instagram. His newest project is floating around online and getting his name out to more people who are interested in new rap music.

Mista Gwalla is based out of Texas and is originally from Kansas City. He has been promoting his work over the past year and has become popular on Instagram in particular. This past December, he released a song and video called Macho Man. The video features popular Vine and Instagram stars Nick and Danrue.

The video did well for a first official video with no major platforms. He did well on the Worldstar and Saycheese networks. In recent time, he has been growing his brand online and is getting the word out about his music on all major social media platforms.

In May, he released his first big project entitled Top 5. The set includes Rocket, his first video to get more than 80,000 views in about a day. This is a big step forward as he continues to highlight his work and make himself more appealing.

Mista Gwalla is quickly making the most out of his work and is promoting himself on many platforms. He is expected within the next year to top the charts and reach the Billboard listings. The great work he is putting in will surely help him to become a more popular figure out there.

People who are interested in hearing Mista Gwalla can check out his music on all major streaming services. These include iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and many others. He also has his music videos available on YouTube and WorldStar. He has his own YouTube page as well as people can visit the MistaGwalla page on YouTube to check out what he is producing.

He can also be found on Instagram at @mistagwalla. His site is promoting his work and is showing off many fine tunes that will be accessible to more people as time goes along.



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