A team of inspired cryptographers have designed a first of its kind of blockchain technology that is now poised to fuel the future of how tuition payments and student registrations are processed on the blockchain. In addition, the automation of scholarship applications giving consumers remote access to search and apply to thousands of scholarship programs globally. The $4.4 trillion dollar global higher education sector is to be known as the largest industry in the world. Building onto the existing infrastructure of larecoin and it’s light wallet design, the objective is complete decentralization of digital records on all of Larecoin’s platforms.

LareBlocks is a secure platform to issue digital records in a format that is tamper proof, recipient owned, and independently verifiable. The digital records thus created, through use of strong cryptography and block chain application, ensure complete protection of your brand, data, information, and transactions. The digital records created through LareBlocks can be decentralized without compromising on security. In fact, LareBlocks provide extra layer of security and protection for businesses, institutions as well as the consumers, especially the students across the globe.

“LareBlock Templates include images, texts, variables, signatures, and metadata. The record built through use of LareBlocks allows the owner the freedom to manage, share, or verify the records ‘anytime anywhere’ on their own. One can issue their own token through the LareBlocks Smart Contract Generator. These tokens use standard coin API to make one’s contract automatically compatible with any wallet, exchange, or other contract worldwide,” says Daniel Fainman, Chief Executive Officer, Larecoin Team.

Building on the existing light wallet design, the Larecoin Wallet streamlines the user’s experience. It is designed with the highest security standards combined with simple user friendly interfaces to provide a credible and trustworthy platform to Larecoin’s community for its holders and investors. Members of this online web wallet will also have the option of downloading a desktop wallet for Windows, Linux or Mac or a mobile wallet for Android or Apple iOs.

Elaborating on the innovative concept, Fainman says, “Larecoin, an upgradable Peer to Peer token engineered on a three-layered technology, is of immense use for students, educational systems, and businesses.” The idea is for students to have the ability to pay tuition with larecoin, receive scholarships in larecoin, possibly in the future clear debts, make purchases, shop and obtain services in addition to accessing other learning resources that can help people educate themselves in general on crypto currencies and the crypto currency market before making investment decisions and diversifying their digital asset portfolios.

Larecoin is has began developing it’s very own institutional platform to be adopted by accredited universities globally. LareVIA is an aggregation engine of real time data, insights of statistics, analytical data, behavioral information, financial and other keen data on universities, skilled trade schools and other accredited institutions. Every institution on the LareVIA platform accesses a console that enables deans, faculty members and professors to manage their institutions profile, streamline accredited programs, scholarship funds and connects the larecoin infrastructure to the registration, payments and accreditation systems of an accredited university through the decentralization of LareBlocks technology.

LareR was designed for business owners and their businesses enabling themselves to integrate and promote their goods, products, services and job opportunities to the Larecoin’s community, a thriving global student network.

“Starting on March 4, 2018 with a target of issuing 2,000,000,000 LARE, the Presale has been a great success. The initial milestone was achieved with issuance of 199,261,713.29 LARE to 30,847+ registered users. Larecoin is expected to open for trading in April 2019 on supported exchanges and will be publicly announced in January 2019,” informed the CEO.

With an anticipated 4,000+ partnerships with educational systems and partnerships globally, the Larecoin is bound to become the most usable crypto currency for education across the globe.

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