China-Hifi-Audio Introduces Advanced Series Of Valve Amplifiers, Audio DAC And More To Sound Audiophiles

The Chinese giant electronics retailer releases an exclusive new series of advanced power amplifiers and other accessories at affordable prices for global clients., a well-known Chinese online retailer of high-tech audio tube amplifier electronics and accessories introduces new series of technologically advanced valve amplifiers, audio DAC and more chosen from top rated brands such as Bewitch, Shengya, Yaqin, Qinpu(chpo), JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Original, Opera, Shanling, Dussun and others. This is aimed at providing global customers with ease of access to high-quality audio experience. These hi-fi audio brands feature products include Xiangsheng series, LITE audio series, hi-fi vacuum tube amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables and more

 China-Hifi-Audio perceives the growing trend for quality amplifier technology. Hence, the company offers the latest XIANGSHENG DAC DA-05B to meet global customer sound requirements. Xiangsheng DA-05B DSD version DAC has been made officially available in their online store to improve electronic exhibitions both at home and abroad.  The new device has been designed to support 32bit in addition to a high-quality transformer, advanced signaling mechanism and more.

China-Hifi-Audio Introduces Advanced Series Of Valve Amplifiers, Audio DAC And More To Sound  Audiophiles provides another Chinese well-known brand,XIANGSHENG 728A, which is an improved version of the third generation 728A tube preamplifier. While retaining the previous features, the new 728A now comes with additional technological designs such as mechanisms to achieve signal conversion without wave interception to limit noise as much as possible. This advancement also applies to the interior layout, the panel, the signal output and more.  

Also available in their portfolio are the high-rated LITE audio brandsone of which is the LITE Audio DAC&Phono stage MM/MC.  

China-Hifi-Audio has a collection of these unique audio technology characterized by high efficiency, low noise to offer customers products with the highest sonic qualities at rock-bottom prices.Other products available in their E-store include accessories such as power filters, power cables, Hi-fi Audio Racks, Audiophile stereo interconnect hi-fi, bookshelf Desk for amplifiers, cords and more.

Clients who are interested in purchasing these new products or knowing more about China-Hifi-Audio are urged to visit their website on

About China-Hifi-Audio

China-hi-fi-Audio is a major Chinese online retail store for quality amplifier technology. Products available in their portfolio include hi-fi vacuum tube integrated amplifiers, LITE Audio DAC&Phono stage MM/MC, vacuum tube stereo amplifier, XIANGSHENG DAC  preamps in addition to other high-tech electronics for Interconnecting hi-fi sound equipment. These products are chosen from top Chinese Hi-fi brands such as Yaqin, Music Angel, Bewitch, Mei Xing Mingda, Shengya, Qinpu (chpo), Line Magnetic Audio and more. The company offers these products at affordable prices to afford customers access to such high brand.

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