Ubicycle and UCHAIN Foundation collaborate to launch UCHAIN

Following the layout of blockchain, Ubicycle collaborate with UCHAIN ​​Foundation to launch the UCHAIN-based shared-economy chain successfully. The Public chain named as UCHAIN ​​has been in process to build. In the ecological layout of blockchain, UCHAIN ​​promotes the development of the sharing economy to higher levels on the basis of mutual trust and sharing.

As the first public chain designed specifically for the global shared economy, the target of UCHAIN is to build its underlying blockchain network to solve the existing problems of trust and data abuse. By using UCHAIN’s APIs and SDKs, all sharing economy companies can publish their own tokens and build their own applications on the UCHAIN network, making UCHAIN a better global autonomous shared economic ecosystem.

First of all, UCHAIN ​​ solves the problem of trust at all levels, records the data of both users and service providers on the blockchain, and makes all the changes traceable as well as  solves the problem of high transaction costs. The node supports true peer-to-peer communication, achieves trust in intermediation, and subverts centralized platforms such as Airbnb and Uber where trust and pain points exist, and transforms trust costs and time costs. The upgrade will generate huge value. Secondly, UCHAIN ​​service provides high-performance, high-availability and high-security public blockchain services for enterprises, individuals and organizations.

At the micro level, UCHAIN ​​can simultaneously build applications such as sharing bicycles, sharing cars, and sharing houses, achieving cross-border payments for timeshare rentals, accumulating credit accounts, and sharing communities. Based on UCHAIN’s blockchain products, it is possible to build a single-product shared economy application, as well as develop applications based on a certain module.

From a macro perspective, based on UCHAIN, it is also possible to build shared data sharing applications for travel modes, and use supporting modules such as derivative applications for travel credit accounts. In the process of technology upgrading, the 9 major sectors involved in the sharing economy can all achieve iterations on UCHAIN, including sharing items, sharing finances, sharing space, sharing skills/services, sharing trips, sharing resources, sharing knowledge, and sharing medical care.

No matter from the micro or macro perspective, the public chain has basic security and privacy features which can be decentralized, participated in common, and not be able to tamper. It can protect the privacy of users and the security of personal information to the greatest degree. On this chain, the willingness to participate in enterprises, individuals, and organizations has been greatly enhanced. It has expanded into a wide range of applications. It is possible to jointly build a trusted social system and achieve an open and autonomous shared ecosystem for global users. This will enable the shared economy market to grow faster and healthier.

Ian Yu, founder of UCHAIN, stated: the ecology of the blockchain world is gradually being established. Our team work hard to create UCHAIN ​​as a public chain. From the sharing bicycles, sharing travel & sharing economy to the UCHAIN ​​,each phase is developed in the higher level direction. Embracing the blockchain industry, UCHAIN ​​allows us to solve problems faster, more confidently, and involved in more scenarios. We will commit ourselves to call on industry partners and users to join us and create a process in which the blockchain actually lands in the sharing economy application, and achieve a more efficient self-driven digital borderless sharing ecosystem.

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