#FightTerror Peacefully: The Innovative AI Technology Movement to Help Citizens Fight Terrorism Effectively and Peacefully.

ActiveDuty®, the world’s most advanced ultra-portable counterfeit currency detector, launches on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign by Authentic.Cash hopes to raise US $200,000 to bring ActiveDuty® to help every citizen fight terror funding.


#FightTerror Peacefully is an innovative and ambitious global AI technology movement to address a very critical question in our common fight against terrorism: What can normal citizens do to help? Rather, apart from the initiatives by governments and other organizations, what else can we citizens do about it?

Multiple studies and international research have concluded that the most effective way to fight terrorism, is to curb its funding sources. For terrorist groups, currency counterfeiting is a lucrative source of funds, according to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)  – they make profits by printing and selling counterfeits in addition to using fake currency to fund specific terror plots.

Fake currency funds terrorism – there is no doubt about that. In fact, Interpol views counterfeiting as a huge problem, and US Senate is considering a bill to address this” says Joel Zlotnick, Former Counterfeit Forensic Specialist, United States Secret Service.

Consequently, fake currency has become one of the major ways terrorists make profits and fund their activities. Even in developed countries societies like the United States, over 40% of consumers use cash as the main transaction method – and only 10% of consumers use digital transactions exclusively. By the time counterfeits are detected by the bank, it is already too late – the counterfeit cash is already in the system and has served its financing purpose. With fakes being of higher quality that before, there’s an urgent need to curb or prevent the flow of fake currency earlier and on a larger scale than what governments, institutions and law enforcement agencies could do with the current infrastructure and technology.

Nothing can be more powerful in restricting terrorist funding, as citizens uniting to stop the circulation of fake currency. The ActiveDuty® goal with citizen empowerment is to catch the counterfeits earlier in the process – thus increasing the risk for terrorists and, criminals in counterfeiting currency and thereby reducing its supply.


Citizen participation is the wonder drug for this menace, where counterfeit currency detection can be woven into the ebb of the common folk’s daily life” according to Vasudevan T, CEO of Authentic.Cash.  He observes: “This is the goal of the #FightTerror movement in developing ActiveDuty® – the world’s most advanced, ultra-portable, AI-powered counterfeit detector, enabling citizens and patriots anywhere to protect their wallets, while defending our nation.”

ActiveDuty® by Authentic.Cash has several advantages and benefits over current fake currency detection solutions in the market:

  • AI and Deep learning technologies – patent pending CashDNA® technology enables higher accuracy and gets progressively better as more people use it to detect fake currencies
  • Advanced sensor architecture – uses advanced ultrasonic and multi-spectral sensors to detect minute variations in note thickness, materials as well as standard magnetic, UV and IR sensors to enhance accuracy of detection
  • Global currency detection platform – has the ability with software updates to work with any global currency. During the launch, it will support USD, EUR and INR which are the top three counterfeited currencies in the world
  • Ultra-portable and easy to use – can be carried anywhere and so normal citizens can detect fakes during each transaction
  • Get alerted when fakes are detected locally – fakes are usually offloaded into a region in bundles and so when a fake is detected, it is likely there are more in the neighbourhood. ActiveDuty® and its smartphone companion application can warn of fake notes detected in the region so that you can be on the lookout

Joel Zlotnick, Former Counterfeit Forensic Specialist, United States Secret Service continues, “The idea that all citizens globally can detect counterfeit currency during their everyday cash transactions is a powerful vision. Not all of us can be soldiers or special agents – but everyone can and has the responsibility as citizens to do what they can. Protecting against counterfeits, which is a form of economic terrorism, is something that anyone can do.”

ActiveDuty® launches on May 28th, Memorial Day, on crowdfunding site Indiegogo at US$99 (over 45% off retail) for the early bird special. Be part of this #FightTerror movement, so we citizens can also all do our part to share the burden of our soldiers and government agencies. Your participation plays a key role in this global technology movement to #FightTerror Peacefully.

ActiveDuty® – Protect your wallet. Defend our nation.



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For further information and the Indiegogo campaign, please visit: http://fightterror.global

About Authentic.Cash

Authentic.Cash is a technology startup based in Bangalore, India with a vision to enable every citizen fight terrorism peacefully by curbing the funding sources of terror. With a great team of entrepreneurs, AI experts, currency forensic scientists and embedded product experts spread across India, USA, and Europe, the company is building ActiveDuty®, the first in their series of Authentic.Cash product range to enable people across the globe to identify, manage, and prevent the use of counterfeit currencies.

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