AICHAIN CEO, Chief Architect and CEO Duan Kai: devoted to the deep integration of AI and blockchain underlying technology architecture

AICHAIN is the only blockchain enterprise having been invited to attend the ACM TURC, and the CEO and Chief Architect Duan Kai has led the team to attend. Fortunately, Cointime has an opportunity to interview Duan Kai in the end and has deeply communicated with him about AICHAIN’s development thinking and technology innovation features. 

Duan Kai has said to the Cointime that, AICHAIN’s service concept is to provide a more private and credible data exchange sharing service with blockchain technology. In addition to the digital right verification service, it can also bring about copyright protection technology related to digital watermarking and digital fingerprinting to users. Not only can it enhance the credibility of eco-partner products, but also produce a positive token motivation for users.

One of the most reviled points for the blockchain POW consensus mechanism is the “waste of resources”. AICHAIN hopes to combine the mining task assignment with AI computation task to make it correctly operate still under the environment not requiring trust.

He has introduced that the current research and development contents of AICHAIN mainly include two aspects. On the one hand, it hopes to develop the data asset trading software with the blockchain technology to support the data exchange in AI application products. On the other hand, it is aiming at dividing the large-scale AI deep learning tasks into small fragmented computation tasks.

Duan Kai has introduced that there are roughly two steps for AICHAIN’s development planning.

The first step is to complete the existing ecological application service. It is predicted that the team would launch a wallet APP for mobile terminals in June. At present, the team is developing a credible data exchange platform DAE to be released in August as planned.

The second step is to launch the main chain as planned. Currently, the main chain of the first version is under the built-in test, and both the test net and main net are going to be released successively in May and June.

The full name of DAE platform is Digital Asset Entitlement, a digitized data asset authorization management platform, for the purpose of data encryption processing and key distribution via smart contract.

The blockchain technology provides underlying support for DAE platform and improves user credibility, making users willingly provide personal information and data.

AICHAIN project has been started since six months ago, during which the development team has completed the logical deduction of blockchain underlying architecture transformation with AI technology in principle.

There are two patterns for the combination of AI with blockchain, as Duan Kai thinks, which are respectively commercial operation pattern and underlying technology integration pattern.

In the commercial operation pattern, after the current blockchain bubble fades away, users will gradually focus on the value of the token in hand. For the blockchain project combined with traditional services, users will prefer to accept those having provided them with better service experience or having practical service value correspondingly.

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