Phillips Saeco: Putting the Express in Espresso

Get rid of the struggle of having to go spend money and time every day, or almost every day to buy a cup of coffee. Stop being limited by time constrictions and business hours by bringing the espresso home, or even to the office. Anthony’s Equipment not only specializes in espresso machines from the home, but they also service machines for commercial use.

As of February, of this year, the S.12 can be found worldwide online and in stores.  From an original price of 249.99, to a sale price of 149.00, the S. 12 can be found through Anthony’s Equipment Inc. The S.12 capsule espresso machine is built from its Italian roots and infused with the flavours of home. Phillips Saeco is changing the game with the release of this new capsule espresso machine. Dutch manufacturing giant Phillips, is the parent company of the Italian manufacturer of household goods and continues to dominate in the industry. Saeco is contributing to this success with their lightweight and sleek capsule espresso machines. Quality costs money, Anthony’s can take away some of that cost without taking away any of the quality of the product.

Studies show that 83 percent of adults in the United States drink coffee. Espresso is just coffee made from forcing stream through coffee beans. The S.12 capsule espresso machine is a fast and convenient way to get fresh Italian espresso at home. This affordable machine is worth much more than 200 dollars!

Why is Saeco, through Anthony’s Equipment Inc. the right way to go?

Saeco is meant for one who enjoys the fresh taste of Italy in their own home. This machine takes away the need to leave the house for espresso. The same caffeine fix can be achieved without needing to go anywhere. Anthony’s Equipment Inc. is always running deals and specials on their products. A high-quality espresso machine can be bought for a fraction of the price. Anthony’s knows what they are doing. They solely focus on espresso in order to be able to ensure that the best quality is given.

Saeco was founded by Sergio Arthur e Compagnia in 1981 Italy. Saeco manufactures household goods with authentic Italian designs. They ship worldwide and have factories all over. In 2009, Saeco was sold to the Dutch manufacturer Philips. Anthony’s Equipment Inc is a family owned manufacturer based in Ontario Canada with roots in Italy also

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