HOS Financial Inc. Has Helped Many Canadians Buy Their Own Homes

There’s no place like home as the saying goes. There is also nothing like owning a home. Everybody wants to own a home; it’s an anchor in life. With Home Owner Soon, applications are almost guaranteed in every case. Whatever the circumstances of not owning a home might be such as bank refusal, poor credit rating etc. Home Owner Soon will bypass all these obstacles with their Rent to Own program. A 3% deposit will be required to set things in motion. Banks insist on certain down payments and there may be insufficient funds available for this, or a less than 100% squeaky clean credit record which they demand these days. Is difficult to buy a home especially when one has not the cash available. The team at Home Owner Soon Financial Inc. have specialists and provide the necessary programs and support programs. These programs are able to manage one’s credit profile. In the past, HOS Financial Inc. has helped many Canadians buy their own homes and makes sure they are protected from the dreaded power of a sale or foreclosure events.

Canada’s Home Owner Soon has a financial department and credit management programs set up to manage any areas that may have been a problem in the past such as credit card debts. Home Owner Soon works closely with debtors and creditors making sure both are happy. Everybody wants to pay off their debts and creditors would rather be paid than have to foreclose on a property that is indebted to several companies. There is no guarantee otherwise that they will ever get paid by the time legal costs have been taken into account. This is a desirable solution for both.

All that is required is a steady income and the desire to repay any outstanding debt issues that are presently outstanding together with that 3% or $10,000 deposit. Having a house where the whole family live and where the children can grow up is a necessity these days and provides that stable environment that all children and adults need. The stress and constant worry about insufficient payments is removed and consequently work quality improves giving rise to better salaries etc.

Home Owners Soon will draw up an agreement and the tenant will simply move in, purchasing the house later at a stage to be determined. The agreement will be a Purchase and Sale agreement. Initially there will be a lease agreement, only when there are sufficient funds paid will the sale be negotiated. In the meanwhile, a ‘fix’ for all creditors will be drawn up depending on the monthly instalment available. This will be subject to a proper financial ruling which cannot be broken. No new accounts will be able to be set up whilst this is happening without approval. The Bank needs to be in a “ready” state before the purchase can go through.

A portion of a monthly rental goes towards rent/lease for the property and 20% will go to a “savings” account which will accrue until the funds are sufficient to finance the down payment. After this has occurred, a mortgage agreement will be drawn up and transfer of the property will take place.

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