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Having issues with getting durable laptops, gadgets, accessories, electronics, home appliances and more? Paranoia issues concerning trusted dealers for top quality gadget against knockoffs? In search of an attentive, concise and professional support center? All you need to do is visit Dreamworks on www.dreamworksdirect.com

In a world where technology seems to be calling the shots in our everyday lives, providing us a luxury of ease and convenience, making us connected with happenings in our immediate environment and even far beyond, everyone wants to own the best and latest technological brands they can lay their hands on and this is why Dreamworks is here to bridge the gap between you and your favorite device.

Dreamworks is a blend of originality, durability, affordable and fast and easy top-notch online technological store. For anything laptops, desktops, mobile phones, video games, tablets, printers, projectors, lifestyle gadgets, home appliances and more, be rest assured we got you completely covered. Dreamworks is the perfect online technological store just for you! We offer you a wide range of products you can trust with an efficient online transaction system that is easy and fast. Take part in our deals of the day and discover jaw-dropping discounts for any device of your choice.

We ensure that our clients are well informed on every product they intend to purchase, providing in clear details products name/brand, price, properties, reviews and also offer an efficient professional support and service center.

You can also check out our Blog segment on our website where we provide you with several eye-opening posts on several ‘TO DO’ guidelines to help you with your purchase. Some of our exciting topics include ‘What is So Sweet about the New Android 8.0 Oreo O.S’, ‘Why you should Consider Buying a Refurbished Laptop’… to name a few.

At Dreamworks, we understand the insecurity that comes providing personal details with shopping online, but we assure you that we would not in any way try to exploit you of your hard earned money. We do not issue fake items too because we understand the gravity of error it will pose in our image, but because we also care about our client’s social status.

Dreamworks offers up to the 1year warranty on all their products.

Being at the forefront of the digital revolution in Nigeria and to further our goal of providing technological solutions, we also have a World Class Service Center where you can upgrade or repair your computers and gadgets. Customers can now walk into the Dreamworks Service Center, get their laptops and gadgets fixed while sipping a cup of coffee and walk out feeling satisfied as they do not have to worry about getting cheated or having uncertified technicians work on your gadgets.

Shop with us online for everything technology and smart or visit our offline stores coined as DWStores which are situated at Surulere, Ikeja, Adeniyi Jones Avenue and Lekki in Lagos with more outlets opening soon. Our sales services functions via two major arms, ‘Retail and Distribution’, which means we sell to individuals and equally sell to resellers in whatever quantity at a good discount margin. Delivery takes within 24 hours in Lagos and 48 hours outside Lagos, we are pocket-friendly with every client, offering you prices from low to high or vice versa in different brands to soothe you.

To know more about our services, log on to www.dreamworksdirect.com 

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