TCC brings Blockchain to the Advertisement Industry

May 28, 2018 – India – TCC proposes blockchain as a solution to counter the opaque and unauthentic working of the $500 Billion Advertising Industry.

Brands lose out on a colossal amount of ROI on account of fake reviews, fake views, fake shares, likes and many more seemingly profitable signs of visibility that are ultimately just empty numbers in disguise.

Auto generated surveys, fraudulent product forecasting, arbitrary ad-placements are just a few of the overwhelming difficulties that the Advertisement Industry must overcome.

How it works:

Employing the Proof of Work principal in its blockchain, the platform uses TCC Coin as its cryptocurrency. The TCC Coin can be gained VIA mining or can be brought from existing users of TCC. The platform will be introduced in the market as a mobile and browser application for internet enabled devices.

The system will empower users to create smart contracts as per their advertising needs.

These services can be availed by registering on the platform and buying a starting value of TCCs. Once the TCCs are credited to the wallet, a fixed number of TCCs must be locked to acquire a proportional amount of T-Coins, which are essentially ERC20 Tokens.

Suppose you are an advertiser, the T-Coins you own, can be given out as promised incentives to the viewers of your advertisement. Users have the choice to decide the value of a T-Coin in terms of TCC Coin or even Fiat Currency, while developing the smart contract.

This value remains unchangeable throughout the process, ensuring stability. The users who earn T-Coins viewing your ad, can spend their T-Coins only in exchange of your product or service. In this way, your T-Coins are redeemed.

Use-cases of T-Coin:

Apart from buying products from the issuer, the consumers of T-Coins can also redeem their coins in exchange of an equal value of TCC Coin or Fiat currency from the issuer.

Shift to Hybrid

The entire blockchain is secure with the Proof of Work technology. The difficulty level of the network constantly adjusts to the number of Miners joining the network. In alignment with Ethereum fork plan, the TCC’s Proof of Work Blockchain will shift to hybrid and employ Proof of Stake technology. 

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