Japa Mala Beads Announces New Spring/Summer Lineup of Malas for Meditation

Mala bead importer and manufacturer Japa Mala Beads is excited to announce their new Spring/Summer lineup of Buddhist and yogic prayer beads. As mala beads continue to trend in the yoga and meditation markets, the demand for exciting new mala bead designs has never been stronger. Mala beads are similar to a Catholic rosary-malas are beaded necklaces or bracelets but have a tassel at the end. Mala beads are used for counting Sanskrit and Tibetan mantras as a form of meditation. Even though mala beads are considered a tool for meditation, many people are now wearing mala beads as trendy yoga jewelry and as a lifestyle statement.

Japa Mala Beads has just released 9 new bracelet mala designs for retail and wholesale purchase. “I am in love with the beauty, shimmer, and richness in our new lineup of mala beads,” says founder Timothy Burgin. “We are proud to offer gorgeous mala beads with hard to find gemstones such as Green Garnet, Cherry Quartz, Citrine, and Elephant Skin Jasper as well as unusual materials like Sibucao wood, frosted Rhodonite, and Druzy Agate.” All of Japa Mala Beads’ bracelet malas are made with a traditional tassel and contain 27 counting beads and one guru (teacher) or meru (mountain) bead. These malas are strung with heavy-duty elastic to allow them to be worn comfortably and be extremely durable.

The new frosted gemstone beads in the Frosted Druzy Agate and Bayong mala design is the favorite of Paula Hanke, Director of mala operations. “The color range of the beads are beautiful frosted orange, white and clear in different blends,” says Hanke. “The grounding, and centering properties of the beads are desirous, as is the promotion of love, abundance, wealth and growth.”

Unlike Japa Mala Beads’ last release last autumn, these nine malas are all brand new designs. Many of these new malas are created with gemstone beads that Japa Mala Beads has not used in the past. All of these newly released mala beads are currently in stock. Due to the availability of certain semi-precious gemstones, several of the new designs are limited additions that may sell out quickly.

To view Japa Mala Beads’ new Spring/Summer lineup of malas please visit: https://japamalabeads.com/shop/new-malas.

About Japa Mala Beads

Japa Mala Beads has been making and importing mala beads since 2004. Their unique malas are “designed by an artist and strung by a yogi.” Most of their beautiful mala beads are handmade in the USA using only 100% genuine gemstones. They use the most durable stringing materials available and have one of the best breakage guarantees in the business-10 days! All of their bracelet and necklace malas have suggested Sanskrit and Tibetan mantras listed. Over 160 different mala bead designs available plus over 30 types of mala bags and boxes to store malas or use to gift them.

For more info on the use, history and benefits of mala beads please visit: https://japamalabeads.com/what-is-a-mala.

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