Magoshare Offers Secure Data Eraser to Help in Permanently Wiping All Data before Selling A PC/Mac

Before selling or discarding an old PC/Mac it is necessary to delete all the files. This step is essential for the safety of the user as nobody wants their private files to go into wrong hands. But, just deleting a file from the system is not enough.

Even if the files are deleted from trash bin they still exist on your hard drive. Any powerful recovery software can easily reinstall these deleted items. That is why going for secure and powerful data erasure software is very important. Magoshare offers powerful data erasure software that deletes all the files permanently before selling a computer.

The team is experienced and skilled in recovery software, so they are well aware of how data can be recovered. Using this knowledge they have created this powerful tool. IT erases the files permanently without even leaving a trace behind.

The software has an easy to use interface. It can be used by a beginner as well, thus there is no need of going through giant guidebooks.

There are only 3 steps that need to be done to delete the files. First, the user has to install the software on the system from which files need to be deleted. Then, select the type on how the person wants to remove the files, and at last select the files. That is all. For this reason, the tool has been used by many people around the world.

It offers three methods on how the data can be removed from the system. People can choose from any of them. One can delete a specific file or folder permanently or even go for wiping out the entire hard drive at a time.

Magoshare provides some of the cheapest data erasure software. These are easy to use and can permanently delete the files. Thus, the deleted files can’t be recovered by any powerful recovery software. The team has a fine customer service that is ready to help the people at any time

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Magoshare offers some of the best data recovery and data erasure software. The data erasure tool is one of the most powerful options to go for. It is easy to use. The company provides 100% safe and secures data recovery and data erasure software. These can be easily downloaded from their online stores. For more information:

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