Prepare For Calamity: Total Fame Limited To Launch Kitten Casualty Remastered Edition Kickstarter Campaign On May 30th, 2018

HOWICK, NEW ZEALAND – May 28th, 2018 – It’s the comeback every card game aficionado has been waiting for. Total Fame Limited, the creator of the smashing Kitten Casualty card game, has returned with the game’s Remastered Edition, and is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform in support of its mass production. The campaign is set to kick off on May 30th, 2018, and draw the attention of Kitten Casualty fans, as well as the card gaming community as a whole, who is expected to rally in support of the game’s latest release.

The riveting Kitten Casualty game transports players in a time where Kittens and Humans co-exist peacefully, however, the kittens’ are threatened by the advent of the Dark Overlord, who has come to the Earth from another dimension to restore power to humans. The kittens’ only hope is to summon the Kitten Lord, who will have to go up against the Dark Overlord and put a stop to his evil plans.

Players will have to strategize as they slowly become embroiled in a chaotic battle where their plans are put into jeopardy every step of the way. Each player’s ultimate goal is to sacrifice 10 Kittens to the Dark Overlord, so as to obtain the power to eliminate one of the other players. Another way to throw out a player from the game is to collect all 5 rare kitten lord pieces spread across the deck. The player in possession of said pieces will be able to of summon the god among kittens, who will vanquish an opponent of the player’s choosing. The last player standing is the one that wins.

However, as Total Fame Limited is quick to note, it’s not all about the kittens. Sharks, dinosaurs, old people, llama kittens (and more kittens) make their appearance in the Kitten Casualty deck, serving as action cards that put surprising twists to the game’s outcome. Played by 2-5 people in an average of 10 minutes per game, Kitten Casualty may put friendships to the test and cause an unprecedented gaming frenzy, which is why its creators are urging those who loved the game’s initial edition to get their fix by supporting Kitten Casualty Remastered’s launch.

The Official Kitten Casualty Remastered Edition Trailer 2018 can be viewed on YouTube, while the crowdfunding campaign will go live on Kickstarter on May 30th, 2018.

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