Blockchain strategic cooperation! A new model of cooperation is being explored by hundreds of media such as nasdaq AI and facebook Culture

After the appearance of the virtual currency – bitcoin, virtual currency trading has become a new type of investment, and it is still blue sea for most investors and those entering the investment market. At the same time, Blockchain technology has been favored by investors, entrepreneurs and capital markets. With the development and application of the Blockchain technology in various countries, Blockchain has been rapidly popularized and developed in the world, which has created a good momentum and development environment for the Blockchain industry. The technology investment has been no longer limited to the entities and capital operation because of the technology explosion mainly triggered by bitcoin, and it has been identified as a inevitable trend of the high and new technology development about the virtual currency and digital settlement and it will expand larger development space and more channels for financial investors.

In this context, on the May 21st, the AI exchange, developed by nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD. ( and Facebook culture Communication Co., LTD. reached stragetic cooperation about content +channels + big data +technical innovation, the move will be able to get the supportment of more than 200 English media, 100 Chinese media and Wall Street, the media of nasdaq. The strong strategic cooperation between the two sides is not only a major event in the application and promotion of the block chain technology in 2018, but also a new model for the cooperation of traditional media, new social media and AI exchanges.

It is understood that the AI exchange (, as digital asset trading platform in the world, has been committing to the development and investment of block chain technology, to provide the majority of the virtual currency trade customers with safe and free digital assets trading platform, and has developed into an important, safe and free digital virtual currency assets trading platform within the scope of the virtual currency community in the world.

At present, the AI exchange ( has launched several digital asset projects such as BTC, LTC, JC, AIC, BIC and ETH, and the scale is still developing and expanding. With the upgrading of the application technology of block chain, the development of AI exchange still has a great space.  In business, this means that companies can maximize output and profits by turning to intelligent automation. Intelligent automation is increasing productivity by increasing efficiency, so it can guarantee the financial security. A more professional quick trading tool provides investors with a more convenient investment choice!

Why invest in virtual currency? The advantage of virtual currency compared with traditional financial investment is that high-frequency trading becomes possible and the risk of capital gain decreases. With complete information collection which can help investors to judge and invest, value transparency, trustworthy as well as the stock market and fund investment, lower transaction costs, the automated trading can be done efficiently under any condition and other advantages.

AI exchange ( by building a decentralized block chain virtual currency trading platform, which can realize safe virtual currency trading, has been gradually gotten more and more user groups, higher and higher income and better ability to resist risks. Nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD. has clearly stated that it will provide users with more secure and convenient block chain asset exchange services, aggregating quality chain block assets around the world to create world-class block chain asset trading platform. All transactions and costs will be settled safely in real time. Transactions and other metadata will be encrypted and will be visible only to traders involved in the transaction.

Blockchain is the core technology of bitcoins and other virtual currencies, and has unlimited potential and application market. The establishment of the AI Exchange of the nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD. makes the new type of encryption technology obtain a qualitative leap in the virtual currency and compared with the traditional way of investment, the difficulty and costs of trading is reduced day by day.

Overall, AI exchange ( provides a better customized, digital, and low cost investment experience, and combined with block chain technology development and application and the strategy cooperation of social media, it is enough to let them expand market scale rapidly. Combined with the high attention and acceptance degree of the current social media to new technology and active integration and optimization and constant promotion of the media transmission technology, the two sides can cooperate with each other more tightly and construct the virtual financial world integrating block chain technology . This is not only a new channel for investors, but also an important step towards future technology.

The cooperation between the two sides will focus on the vast amount of user resources, and recommend the business new knowledge and digital currency investment mode in the block chain environment. It will also introduce various types of block chain technology promotion and digital currency trading characteristics. In the future, business cooperation will also achieve closer interaction.

Together with the strategic move of the nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD., the facebook culture communication co., LTD will take advantage of it as the world’s largest social media cluster, with the help of the business data resources, carry out the business development about data commercialization, and cooperate with AI Exchange of the nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD. in the field of investment and promotiona of personalized encryption digital currency based on big data.

And AI exchange ( of Nasdaq Block chain Trading Co., LTD., as an encrypted digital currency trading platform, no longe only provides trading services simply, and it will not only create the preferred entrance of encrypted digital currency trading, but also be given more active commercial gene.

Both sides have indicated that the cooperation is a good promotion for both sides. The AI Exchange of Nasdaq block chain trading co., LTD. will create the best platform, and the Facebook Culture Communication Co., LTD. will provide the transmission and distribution perfectly. If the two sides combine together, they can analyse users deeper, so that they can customize for them and distribute better investment options.

With the help of the new mode of cooperation, they will excavate valuable commercial information from huge amounts of data, using data visualization to interpret the world’s leading block chain operations and encrypt digital currency trading, to provide a deeper value thinking of block chain industry development and commercial innovation. The AI Exchange of Nasdaq Block Chain Trading Co., LTD. will stand on the unprecedented new height in the process of block chain development. Exploration and cooperation of both sides will promote the popularity, development and application of block chain technology and realize mutual promotion and development. It is a win-win cooperation, and will lead the forefront of the development of new technology and new cooperation pattern and prospect is very prospective. (Learn more at:

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