VSSL Has Successfully Simplified Music Streaming Through its Multi-Zone Streaming Audio Player – Specifically Made For Audiophiles

VSSL Has to Simplify Music Streaming by Allowing Music to Play from Different Sources – Appeals to High End Music Control

With the emergence of many music streaming sources, VSSL hopes to simplify playing music through its multi-zone audio player. VSSL allows audio to be played simultaneously even if it comes from different streaming sources. These streaming sources are AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify, and Google Home.

VSSL uses the Native Streaming app in order to control the music being played. This means that you use the popular music apps you’re already using; Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc.. tocontrol and play the music you love through VSSL’s Wi-Fi multi-zone audio player. You can also control the volume, which zone to play through, and other convenient features through VSSL’s own application. The app is available on iOS and Android for mobile phones, and Windows and MAC for computers.

There are 2 products that VSSL offers presently, the 3-zone A.3 and the popular 6-zone A.6. More models and options are forthcoming in late 2018 and early 2019.

VSSL’s A.6 is its flagship product. Its primary function is to make use of the Native Streaming ability in order to play music into different audio zones around the house. True to its name, six people can listen to six different songs in six different areas at the same time. This device is said to be recommended for party use due to its efficient performance.

On another note, VSSL also launched their A.3 device. It also has the Native Streaming Ability of the A.6, but it is limited to three different people playing three different songs in three different areas. It is said to be usually recommended for home use.

One of the capabilities of VSSL is that all of the music from various streaming sites are in one place. The owner can also access these streaming sites in one device. Music is available for buying without additional charges to the customer.

VSSL is quite easy to set up, like a Wi-Fi router being connected to a network port. VSSL walks you through set up of each audio zone. Once all of these are set up, the user will not a hard time following the instructions to get the settings ready, such as naming specific zones, creating party zones, and adjusting volumes.

The world of music streaming had previously become quite complex with many streaming apps competing with each other. By creating a product that unites all of these in one device, VSSL hopes to simplify playing music for many customers and music lovers around the world.

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