Cirque du Soleil’s “KOOZA” Show debuts in Changsha, hosted by Rongde Culture

On the afternoon of May 28th, the press conference of the “KOOZA” show was held in the Asiatic Television Center of Desiqin, Changsha, Hunan. Following Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong stations, hosted by Shenzhen Rongde Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Zhongyingtai Asset Management Co., Ltd., co-sponsored by Hunan Zhongnan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Hunan Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., the “KOOZA” circus show, as national treasure of Canada, will be strong landing on June 29th in Changsha.


The “KOOZA” circus show World Tour–Changsha station will give a total of 60 performances for nearly 2 months, will be presented to the audience all over Hunan province this “ultimate festival of art.” This is a “Life must see once” show recommended by Gao Xiaosong, Wang Baoqiang, Lu Han and many other famous people. It is a big event of Changsha this summer that you should not miss.

Previously, when the “KOOZA” show toured in Shenzhen, the 40 performances in 1 month attracted over 100,000 mid to high-end consumer groups, bringing considerable income to the surrounding industries. This time, at Changsha station, 60 performances for nearly 2 months will certainly gather more popularity and bring about more connected effects.

The conference had a full sense of science and technology, and the climax was continuous

The conference brought together a variety of high-tech elements, so that many guests were overwhelmed and praised all the time. Rongde Culture adopted naked-eye 3D technology to “move” the yellow-blue tents of the “KOOZA” show to the big stage, allowing the audience and Rongde’s mascot YO Tiger to experience the fantasy adventure of the show. The perfect interpretation of the “KOOZA” show’s segment achieved a creative integration of art and technology.


At the conference, the leading role of the “KOOZA” show Cedric, who plays “Little Innocent”, dream designer Mike and 2 Jiu-Jitsu actors gave wonderful performances, earning rounds of applause. The cool 3D dance “Enjoy the Leisure” was even more exciting. At the launch ceremony, Rongde Culture designed a unique ignition activity with UAV (unnamed aerial vehicle), pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

There was also a special handover ceremony among strategic cooperation media. Li Lisha, deputy director of Media Operations Management Center of Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group, handed the “KOOZA” show’s “Kite” to Li Yunzong, one of the party committee members of Broadcast Media Center of Hunan Radio and Television Group and the director of the traffic channel, wished the “KOOZA” show a great success in Changsha.

Many biggest names gathered together, wishing box-office success at Changsha station

At the press conference, the project manager of the “KOOZA” show Shalini, said that they would like to thank the partner Rongde Culture for allowing them to present the wonderful “KOOZA” show in Changsha.

“Those who have seen our shows when they were young still remember today the intense emotion they felt then, making our shows the perfect family experience.” She expressed expectations and blessings for the “KOOZA” show at Changsha station.

Hu Jun, general manager of Hunan Performing Arts Group made a speech at the conference and recalled that the acrobatic troupe of his company had visited Canada in 2016, he said, “Art needs to be communicated and culture needs to be created together. I wish the show a complete success.”

Li Yunzong, one of the party committee members of Broadcast Media Center of Hunan Radio and Television Group and the director of the traffic channel, said that Cirque du Soleil was not only a commercial group but also a creative one, and the “KOOZA” show was a dream-seeking story with exquisite acting skills. He promised that Hunan Radio and Television Group would interpret the story well and the show would be a big cultural event this summer.

Zhong Ye, the chairman of Rongde Culture, shared her experience to the audience that how she developed the company in pan-entertainment industry. As a Hunan native, Zhong Ye described herself as a “daughter who went back to the hometown”. She stressed that the mission of Rongde culture is to “discover beauty”.

In Zhong Ye’s eyes, the “KOOZA” show was first of all a work of art inspired by enthusiasts of art and technology. Recalling that 110 containers were transported from Canada to China and a theater was built in eight days, she felt very excited.

Furthermore, she said, “all the performers of the “KOOZA” show are challenging the limits of humanity and they are classic of the ultimate art.”

She believed that Rongde Culture had the responsibility to bring such works of art to China. “We discover beauty, spread it, and create it.”

At last, she expressed her expectations and blessings for the “KOOZA”show, hoping it could bring ultimate artistic experience for the Changsha audience.

In addition, relevant leaders of Yuhua District of Changsha, general manager of Hunan Performing Arts Group Hu Jun, leaders of Hunan Radio and Television Group, and representatives from various institutions such as Hunan Zhongnan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the event, and expressed their best wishes to the “KOOZA” show at Changsha station.

Rongde Culture Introduces the “Canada National Treasure” — the “KOOZA” Show

Rongde Culture, which regards “a good cultural ambassador with professionalism and ingenuity” as its target, has signed a formal cooperation agreement at the end of 2017 after a year of communication with Cirque du Soleil.

In the next 6 years, Rongde Culture will tour in major cities of China with the most classic “KOOZA” show of Cirque du Soleil, so that the national audience can appreciate this “Life must see once” show that highly praised by overseas media.

Rongde Culture is committed to the investment and production of films, performing arts, entertainment and other extensive cultural fields. Since its establishment, it has invested in nearly 100 films and concerts, and has issued 8 funds in films and performing arts fields. The scale of assets under management exceeds 1 billion yuan. Under he mission of “let outstanding cultural projects never worried about capital”, Rongde Culture has participated in well-known projects such as the “KOOZA” show of Cirque du Soleil, the movie “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Guardians of the Tomb”, etc. The company is focused on a comprehensive development of film, television and entertainment cultural industry chain, and strives to become one of the most influential companies in the extensive cultural investment field.

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