CoinToBe, a Rising star, is Committed to Creating the Most Trustworthy Digital Assets Trading Platform for Users

Frequent occurrence of problems at cryptocurrency exchanges has prompted the industry to reflect on what positioning strategy an exchange should pursue to lead healthy development of the market. A responsible cryptocurrency trading platform must truly act in the interest of investors, guide the development of blockchain technology on the correct path and promote the development of the blockchain economy together with the market players in the industry.

Technological innovation leads to rapid development of CoinToBe with its global strategic layout increasingly matured

“Technological innovation is the driving force of economic development.”

Inspired by this remark, the founder of CoinToBe chose to engage in the blockchain industry that was yet to experience explosive growth in the booming blue ocean of the tech world. Technological innovation is increasingly becoming the greatest strength of CoinToBe, who sets the goal of creating new standards for the blockchain industry.

This philosophy together with a forward-looking global strategy has attracted many international elites to join CoinToBe with a full commitment to build the most trustworthy digital assets trading platform for users.

CoinToBe had been promoting its business overseas before other domestic exchanges had to shift their business abroad one after another for various reasons. It has held roadshows around the world, gaining attention from millions of people. With a unique insight into the blockchain industry, CoinToBe has developed strategic cooperation partnerships with over 10 countries and regions including Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong and the U.K., where independent trading and operating centers have been established.

The global strategic layout of technology-oriented CoinToBe has become increasingly matured.

CoinToBe stays true to its mission and gives the voice back to investors when a new round of reshuffle is taking place

Blockchain technology is experiencing massive growth. The cryptocurrency market is booming. The number of exchanges is growing exponentially. New types of exchanges have been launched. There has been intense speculation on decentralized exchanges replacing centralized ones. Today’s leading exchanges seem to have reached a crossroad where internal and external pressure coexist. Internal pressure comes from market constraints and setbacks caused by inherent defects. Rumors of high leverage, market manipulation, trading robots, prohibitive listing fees, market monopoly circulates quickly. Externally, there are hackers whose unpredictable attacks cause annoying troubles.

A new round of industry reshuffle is taking place with different types of exchanges entering the market. Staying true to its mission, CoinToBe will uphold its market-oriented strategy and take investors’ interests as the top priority. It hears the voice of every one of its supporters so that everybody could participate in the decision-making process. That is the true nature of the blockchain technology.

Optimizing listing procedures while strengthening risk control with support from a professional team

In a market where regulations and supervision are yet to be strengthened, it is even more necessary for investors, project teams, and exchanges to safeguard and maintain the orderly development of the market. CoinToBe has set strict risk control and listing procedures to protect the interests of investors and customers and identify high-quality projects.

CoinToBe has established analysis teams with around one hundred members in more than ten countries. Our product team members have long served at first-tier digital assets exchanges. With rich experience in spot trading and derivatives transaction in virtual currency and traditional financial markets, they are skilled in designing products and risk control. Based on the principle of “security, stability, and high efficiency”, the team has developed a unique listing mechanism, where everyone can participate in the decision-making process. We are committed to identifying high-quality blockchain projects from around the world. Through professional review in various dimensions and supervision at all levels, we strive to help users select high-quality assets and minimize investment risks.

With the development of the crypto-industry, increasingly more and more users have become increasingly professional. Meanwhile there are more and more investors who just entered the market. Therefore, exchanges need to design multi-level trading modules to provide more trading options for users with different risk tolerance and investment capabilities.

CoinToBe not only provides entry-level users with an easy-to-operate trading process, but also sets thresholds only accessible to users with required investment experience, to meet the needs of users at different levels while reducing their investment risks.

CoinToBe enables million times of matching per second with bank level security and zero transaction fees

Exchanges are the largest pool for hundreds of currencies from tens of millions of users. Digital assets of majority of users are gathered in the 20% leading exchanges, resulting in endless attacks from hackers.

Security issues on transaction, assets and information are the primary concerns of investors when choosing an exchange. Exchanges should focus on enhancing security through improving its technology and architecture. CoinToBe continues to improve security performance and optimize its security system to create unfair advantages.

Through the study of various security systems in the market and hundreds of millions of testings, CoinToBe has developed comprehensive security measures: using bank-level SSL secure connections and real-time blockchain asset access to ensure trading security; using distributed servers and multi-level risk identification and control techniques to ensure the stability of high-frequency transaction; using offline wallet technology, multi-currency address sharing technology, multiple security verification, and bank-level data encryption technology to ensure the security of user assets and information.

In the event of an emergency, exchanges are often subject to transaction congestion, resulting in a situation that transactions cannot be processed. CoinToBe uses an advanced order-matching system to provide users with an efficient and smooth trading experience. With a multi-tiered server architecture, the system is stable and achieves million matches per second. All transactions are free of service charge when it was first launched.

The future of exchanges affects the future of the blockchain industry. Healthy and transparent digital assets transaction can help blockchain technology to break through the bottleneck and accelerate the implementation. CoinToBe, whose mission is to “create the most trustworthy digital assets trading platform for users”, is emerging as a responsible new star in the crypto-industry and striving to maintain “security, stability, and high efficiency” in crypto-trading.

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