TDC Blockchain 3.0 Era – The Gospel of Broad Blockchain Lovers and Application Developers

Recently, we have discovered a valuable treasure for everyone. The Next Generation Basic Chain, led by Singapore’s blockchain technology team, the Through Chain (TDC), is the original blockchain project that the technical team is trying to build. Building the first comprehensive service platform for blockchain technology R&D and landing applications through blockchain technology, using the “Pow+Dpos consensus algorithm, which has a TPS processing speed of up to 100,000+ per second; coupled with the world’s safest SHA256 encryption algorithm; effective implementation of “blockchain-smart scenario application requirements.

With such a powerful underlying technology structure, it can host million+ Dapp application development, and provide fast, secure, and efficient blockchain underlying technical support for blockchain enthusiasts and application development demanders. Implement one-stop operation solution for Token and blockchain underlying technology services. Future value is worth looking forward to!

TDC Culture: TDC – the leader in blockchain applications.

Mission: Let everyone enjoy the value of blockchain applications.

Vision: To provide blockchain technology application services and innovative financing solutions for various industries (companies), to build a comprehensive global technology innovation service.

Responsibility: Solve the pain points of companies for listing and innovative financing programs and help companies to quickly embarkon the international stage.

TDC Community Culture: Culture Leads Life, Technology Leads Future.

Values: Unity Belief Professional Gratitude Integrity Building.

Mission: To learn culture, to be professional, to spread positive energy, to spread professional knowledge.

Vision: To build a comprehensive global technology innovation service.

Community slogan: TDC is valuable Community has a belief.

TDC is a blockchain digital asset based on its own independent system, independent basic underlying technology + independent multi-currency wallet = one-stop solution supply platform for complete blockchain technology. TDC provides entrepreneurs and investors with a more secure, efficient and trustworthy innovative technology service platform. We invite you to share the most efficient return on investment in this era – digital wealth.

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