Monspace is looking forward to producing their own wine and is seeking collaboration

Founder and CEO of Monspace Multinational Corp, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, led her team and Hong Kong celebrity Michele Yim on a visitation to Palinda Wines in Australia. The purpose was to discuss the plan for Monspace to produce its own wine, which will be available for sale soon on Monspace Mall.

Palinda Wines is located by the famed Margaret River and Frankland River in Western Australia. It produces different types of wine at different regions. Some of these wines include Shiraz, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. Palinda’s vineyard is also home to one of the best types of grapes available, originating from France and carries the nickname “king of wines”.

As one of Australia’s 5 biggest wineries, Palinda has won numerous awards. It was designated red wine at China’s 2009 Global CEO Conference and the ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2009-2011. It also won 15 awards globally in 2011, on top of 5 culinary awards. For three years consecutively, it gold medals at global wine-tasting events. To date, Palinda has accumulated more than 300 international awards.

Moreover, Palinda Wines is the biggest, world-class winery in Australia, with its own brewery and vineyard. Countless researches have shown that drinking wine in moderate amounts can boost health. According to US journal “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention”, male former smokers who drink a glass of red wine a day have 60% less chance of getting lung cancer, compared to those who do not drink wine.

Moreover, science has proven that wine in the right amounts can prevent heart diseases, cerebrovascular disease, ageing, osteoporosis, and joint pains. It is also great for beauty!

The team and Jacky Wong clicked immediately when we met, and had a great discussion about the project. Mr. Wong came from a family of wine-makers, and is a wine expert himself. He saw the opportunities in Asia, and boldly decided to explore it. His passion and ambition are perfectly in sync with mine! I believe we will have a great collaboration,” said Dato Sri Jessy Lai.

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