The Rise of Larecoin, a tuition cryptocurrency and blockchain platform

Larecoin, a new cryptocurrency for education and, it’s very own blockchain platform just solidified two strategic partnerships with an accredited Angel Investor and a securities law firm out of Houston, Texas.

Larecoin and Lareblocks are in the same, a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform which is anticipated in disrupting global education by decentralization on the blockchain. It is constantly reaching new benchmarks, forming alliances with major companies and nurturing relations with accredited universities. The company is excited to announce that it has successfully partnered with Adam Wolfe, Esq. and Mike Miglio, Esq. two securities attorneys whose primary practices are focused on securities law, legal and compliance matters with Initial Coin Offerings.

ICO Law Group, a division of Adam J Wolfe and Michael A. Miglio otherwise incorporated as Wolfe Miglio, PLLC. has formally accepted an equity stake of an unknown amount. Under this partnership, Wolfe Miglio will be forming and streamlining an in-house legal division for all legal, compliance, tax, and filings with plans to file appropriate exemptions with the SEC in June 2018.

Another major breakthrough for the company is a strategic partnership formed with Greg Bianco, an accredited investor who is also the CEO of Metropolitan Paper Recycling Inc. While ICO law group will be providing all sorts of legal support to Larecoin, Greg Bianco has committed an initial amount of $100k in seed capital to the blockchain company and was formally made an equity partner and co-founder alongside Daniel Fainman, CEO, Benjamin DiCostanzo, IR and Wolfe Miglio, PLLC.

Metropolitan Paper Recycling Inc. is in the TOP 100 of all waste management companies in the United States with an annual revenue which exceeds $15m and an estimated evaluation of the company’s net worth exceeds $150 million dollars. Greg Bianco, the CEO of Metropolitan Paper Recycling Inc. has also joined as an advisor and board member to Daniel Fainman, CEO of Larecoin.

The arrangement of capital is intended primarily to be used for the continuance of blockchain development initiatives and marketing. Both the partnerships are a breakthrough for the company that will help it to move further towards its mission of revolutionizing the global education system with its cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

Larecoin and Lareblocks will be exhibiting with their newest partners at the Blockchain World Conference this July 11-13th at Harrahs Resort and Casino. Larecoin invites all the accredited investors and institutions from all over the world to join them at this event. Be a part of history and join over 8000 attendees, 25000+ live stream viewers, and 800+ exhibitors. Larecoin CEO, Daniel Fainman will be making a formal announcement of the launch of its blockchain platform, LareBlocks and its tuition token Larecoin live on the main stage at the event. Other keynote speakers will include Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase and John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates.

Learn more: “Larecoin, an upgradable Peer to Peer token engineered on a three-layered technology, is of immense use for students, educational systems, and businesses.” The idea is for students to have the ability to pay tuition with larecoin, receive scholarships in larecoin, possibly in the future clear debts, make purchases, shop and obtain services in addition to accessing other learning resources that can help people educate themselves in general on cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency market before making investment decisions and diversifying their digital asset portfolios.

Larecoin is has begun developing it’s very own institutional platform to be adopted by accredited universities globally. LareVIA is an aggregation engine of real-time data, insights of statistics, analytical data, behavioral information, financial and other keen data on universities, skilled trade schools and other accredited institutions. Every institution on the LareVIA platform accesses a console that enables deans, faculty members, and professors to manage their institutions profile, streamline accredited programs, scholarship funds and connects the larecoin infrastructure to the registration, payments and accreditation systems of an accredited university through the decentralization of LareBlocks technology.

LareBlocks is a secure platform to issue digital records in a format that is tamper proof, recipient owned, and independently verifiable. The digital records thus created, through use of strong cryptography and blockchain application, ensure complete protection of your brand, data, information, and transactions. The digital records created through LareBlocks can be decentralized without compromising on security. In fact, LareBlocks provide an extra layer of security and protection for businesses, institutions as well as the consumers, especially the students across the globe.

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