New Leaf Rain unveils luxury shower filter with amazing, unique feature

Shower filter supplier, New leaf rain has unveiled a new product that filters chlorine from shower water

The New Leaf Rain Chrome Luxury Universal Bathroom Shower Water Filter comes with a couple of features that make it quite unique and priceless. It has multi-level stage filters; tested and proven to remove the most important harmful chemicals such as chlorine, triahalomethanes, chemicals, water impurities and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and more.

The shower filter is perfect for a baby’s body; it’s formulated filtered cartridges make for an ideal rainfall baby bath just like nature. It is also specifically designed to improve the condition of sensitive skin, hair and nails and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria or mold.

“By using just a few simple, yet powerful technologies for the natural purification of water, you will feel much different when stepping out of the shower and experience a good clean water as nature intended it”, a statement on the company’s website says.

What makes this product essentially unique is that it is specially designed to filter out chlorine more so than other filters which filter 15 different things but don’t focus on the most important harmful chemical which is chlorine. There is a lot of chlorine currently in the US water supply and this shower filter might just be the perfect solution for this. Chlorine is the main reason why hair feels clingy or hard after bath.

Moreover, the New Leaf Rain shower filter includes a replacement shower filter cartridge which does not come with additional cost. After 6-8 months the user simply opens the chrome housing and replace with a luxury quality filter. It’s also easy to install; it comes with a universal adapter that will cover all bathroom fixtures including RV, tub or hand-held bath setups. User only has to screw between shower arm and shower head. No tools needed, and it works both in North America and Europe without reducing water pressure or clogging up.

Lastly, the shower filter is backed by the manufacturer with a 30-day money back guarantee with one-year free replacement warranty.

The product is going to be released on Feb 14/18 and people will be able to receive it at a discount at that time. To read more about the product, visit the amazon page:

About New Leaf Rain

New Leaf Rain is a start-up company that decided to provide a natural, workable and simple solution to the problem of an increasing amount of chlorination in our water supply as mandated by the US Government. The company believes in the value of good clean water in replenishing and strengthening our skin and providing its customers with richer and fuller hair when using the shower.




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