Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine – Two Processes Now Combine for An Optimal Cylinder Finish

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders rely on ultra-smooth surface finish tolerances for operation longevity. The skiving and roller burnishing action passes over the material with skiving knives to create a perfectly round bore. This is followed by rollers that cold-work the surface and compress remaining material left behind from skiving, which creates a residual stress coating. The result is a supremely smooth interior wall with a mirror-like finish. When this process uses reliable machines such as those developed by TechniDrill, the end product extends the life of cylinders.

In order for a Hydraulic cylinder to work, the ID of the cylinder must be rounded precisely and have a pristine reflective finish. This mirror finish is generally achieved through the process of skiving and then through the roller burning method inside the tube.

Before, the fine finish of tube ID was achieved by honing, which spent too much long time. Now, a new machine has come on the market to change the process. With so much demand for both skiving and roller burnishing, a specific Skiving and Roller burnishing machine have been developed, that is designed intently to perform both the Skiving and Roller, skiving process remove wall thickness, while roller burnishing to make a mirror like surface.

A single tool now performs both operations which can achieve incredibly accurate roundness and smooth surface finishes up to RA 0.05 in one process.

The tool of Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machines is a combined tool. The stock is removed by using skiving knives, then rollers cold-work the surface of the metal to achieve a very high finish standard. The process is very popular for both pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

Many types of Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machines are now available, depending on the specifications you need

1) Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine SRBD9500SNC1WDR

2) Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine SRBE6300SNC2W

3) Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine SRBF14300SNC1W

4) Skiving and Roller Burnishing & Boring Machine SRBE6300ANC2WBR

While all machines have different specifications they all perform relatively the same function:

  • To create a high-quality surface finish, with an IT7-IT8 bore tolerance.
  • To ensure that the finish of a Bore surface is between Ra 0.05 to Ra0.2
  • Both one-pass process and two-pass process are optional
  • The effect of Roller Burnishing will achieve an increase of 50% of the surface hardness.


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