Good Night Big Little Bear Bedtime Story Proves A Hit Among Children and Parents

Dylan Pitston, a children’s books writer known for his expansive imagination that have allowed him to become a best-selling author recognized for this creating magical worlds for children that are fun and easy to follow for children ages 3-8. His stories seek to reinforce strong morals and important life lesson. After the recent launch of his latest children’s bedtime stories book Good Night Big Little Bear, which is a collection of short bedtime stories about a little big bear and his mom. The Kindle Edition is now available:

Good Night Big Little Bear is the story of a inquisitive little bear and his loving mother who teaches him the value of sleep and how important it is to get a good rest and wake up refreshed. Little Big Bear is in a hurry to grow up and do grown up things including staying up late, however, Mama bear teaches him an important lesson about obeying his parents, taking her advice and learning things in time.

“It is important for children to learn important life lessons and develop good habits from an early age. I believe that a creative story that speaks to their imaginative and curious minds inspires them not only to read study and grasp the meaning behind each lesson but also have a fun time while learning.” – Dylan commented about the idea behind Big Little Bear.

Despite the recent launch of the book, reviews from children especially their parents have started rolling in, the bright reviews reveal that the book and been a hit among readers of all ages.

Maya V. a parent and a fan of Dylan’s latest work wrote in her review, “My baby and I love this book. I like this book because it tells about what you need to do before going to bed, such as brushing yourself, brushing your teeth, etc. it is very useful in conditioning the baby’s mind to always do these before going to bed. It is also a picture book that your child will enjoy to look at, it has different animal symbols. And the best part about the stars and the moon that helps me get my little man to sleep.”


Best-selling author Dylan Pitston is known for his expansive imagination which help him bring his magical world to life with beautiful illustrations and easy to read stories. Created to inspire and educate children of all ages through stories that are focused on important life-lessons, and teach children great values that they will take on in life.

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