Best Selling Children Book Author Launches New Book With Lesson About Self-Confidence and Empathy.

Good books play an imperative part in up-brining children because it teaches them important life lessons that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Best-selling writer Dan Parrison is passionate about creating fun, creative children’s storybooks with a strong message, his latest book Big Stage For Me tells a story of an ambitious little bird, who learns to believe in himself to achieve his dreams. It aims to teach children about self-confidence.  

Big Stage for Me is a tale of a bird that loves to sing and hopes to sing his birdsong at Lion’s ball, however, after being mocked by a flock of birds into singing alone. The bird loses his self-confidence and is reluctant to sing. His friend the butterfly encourages him to keep on singing and find his voice, irrespective of what people say. The mighty Lion is impressed by the bird’s talent and invites him to sing at his ball. This allows bird to regain his self-confidence and he realizes that the Butterfly’s advice was correct about not caring what others think and to keep following the desires of his heart.

“We all know that from the moment they begin socializing, children are exposed to bullying, peer-pressure, social hierarchies, and insults. It is essential for children to learn how to separate their true identity and potential from nasty things they hear from their peers.” – Dan commented about the idea behind Big Stage for Me

According to the early reviews children love the imaginative story involving the birds, butterfly and the lion, parents have appreciated the message provided in the easy to read kids book for children aged 3-8. Justin W. “This is very impressive book for my child. The Bird learns the valuable lesson of following your dreams and not caring what others think because, in the end, right people will value his determination, effort, and talent. He didn’t need the approval of the mean flock of birds, he just needed to follow his dreams, and better friends and opportunities will come his way because of it.”

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The Texas-based best-selling author Dan Parisson is a best-selling author known for creating magical worlds with beautiful illustrations and easily readable stories. Dan work is for children of all ages and he hopes to inspired and educated through each of the stories, each devoted to essential life lessons, and teach children the high values that they will take in life.

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