Texas-Based Children’s Books Author Launches New Book To Teach Timeliness and Patience.

From the imaginative mind of the best-selling kids book author Dylan Pitston comes a story that teaches kids the importance of doing the right thing at the correct time through a captivating story of a boy and his monster friend titled “Tomorrow Sam Can Play Again.” Teaching and reinforcing the importance of timeliness, Dylan style of writing has always focused on educating kids variety of different positive habits and  life lesson that are an essential part for a good upbringing.

Most parents know that getting children to put down their toys and go to bed for rest is an arduous task. To help convey this important message to the children aged 3-5 in a fun and imaginative way, baby books author Dylan has created the perfect tale of a child who just wants to play, who meets a friendly little Monster named Mido who teaches him the value of rest. Complete with many colorful illustration to keep children’s minds captivated along with the story, Monster and Sam can play again is a aid most parents need

“As parents most likely know that playtime is the most fun part of the day, but kids must learn when to play and when to get their rest! Sometimes the hardest thing for little ones to do is to put down their toys and get ready for rest and bed. Naturally, playing is a lot more fun, and kids have a hard time understanding why do they have to stop? Well, the book teaches them why getting healthy rest gives them the energy to play again in the morning! Many children need to learn this lesson.” Dylan commented about concept of his latest book.

Iness, a parent of a toddler loved the message of the book and the simplicity through which it has been convey to the children, she writes in her review, “The message of this book is you should learn to appreciate the time at night to be full for tomorrow and play all the day. Monster motivates the boy to rest and to play later. An excellent example, good verse, clear illustrations!”

To learn more about the book and to purchase the Kindle edition, please visit the site.


Best-selling author Dylan Pitston is known for his expansive imagination which help him bring his magical world to life with beautiful illustrations and easy to read stories. Created to inspire and educate children of all ages through stories that are focused on important life-lessons, and teach children great values that they will take on in life.

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