The CPAP Treatment Cure Sleep Apnea Problems in Time

Difficult in sleeping, snoring while sleeping is generally known as sleep apnea. Commonly, the main symptoms of apnea are disturbed sleep and snoring while sleep. Millions of people in the world suffer from this disorder. Strangely, apnea is not like any other form of sleeping disorder. Doctors generally related apnea with the lifestyle disorders. Continuous stress, eating hazards, chaotic lifestyle coupled with some other dominating factors affect sleep directly. Still, the best part about this sleeping disorder is that apnea is preventable. A little bit of lifestyle changing can lead to a lot of betterment of this physical condition. Additional great news about apnea is that you can diagnose this disorder easily and can have the best treatment for quick recovery.

Different patients get different treatments of sleep apnea, depending on their symptoms and the severity of the problem. It is a common myth that snoring is the sign of this disorder; it is, but this is not true for all cases. If you wake up in the morning and have a headache or feel lazy or sleepy even after 7 to 8 hours’ sleep; or feel tired the entire day and lack the energy to perform and bring out the usual productivity, then you need to get checked up for sleep apnea.

Other signs include when you have a sense of irritability in the morning, lack of concentration and poor judgements on easy tasks. You might also feel sick, have high blood pressure or face memory loss. Your airway can collapse due to tonsils, lower muscle or if the tongue drops to the back and blocks the air passage. Sleep apnea is also possible if you have diabetes or are smoking or drinking.

Doctors conduct a sleep study to confirm and verify if you have sleep apnea. They record the measurements in the test and note your breathing drowsiness at different stages in one night. When you are diagnosed with the treatment, most likely the sleep apnea equipment you are recommended for use is the CPAP treatment. It is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure which keeps the airways open all night and gives you the required air pressure. The CPAP treatment comprises of a machine, a mask, hose or tube, and a heated humidifier. It is a stream of constant air pressure in the throat. You can either have a full face mask, covering your nose and mouth or only the nasal pillows to cover your mouth. The type of mask you choose for yourself is dependent on the way you breathe and how you breathe during your sleep.

The mask is connected with the tube, adjoined with the machine, which forces air into the throat. The plastic mask ensures that the nose and mouth are properly covered and there is no way for air to leak out. You can even have a therapeutic pressure, which gives you light pressure as you go to sleep but increases the air pressure to your required level when you are fully asleep. This way you don’t need to have problems in adjusting increased air pressure while sleeping.

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