MyChargeBack Expands Portfolio to Include Four Different Fund Recovery Services for Online Scams

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Typical Clients Include Victims of Binary Options, Forex, Diamond Investment, and Cryptocurrency Frauds

New York, New York – May 29, 2018 – MyChargeBack, the world-leading fund recovery service for scam victims, has expanded its portfolio to include four different programs that cover every possible transaction.

Binary Options Scams

The four are the company’s Case Builder Chargeback Program for sums under $5,000, its Advanced Chargeback Program for sums above $5,000, a Wire Transfer Recall Program, and a Legal Assistance Program. “One of those four is going to be appropriate for every client we serve,” notes Alan Tepfer, MyChargeBack’s Director of Client Strategies and Fund Recovery.

The team at MyChargeBack consists of professionals with extensive international experience in financial, legal and regulatory issues. The cases they handle are typically filed by victims of binary options, forex, diamond investment, and cryptocurrency scams, among many others.

Effective Strategies for Reimbursement

“The internet has become an ideal platform for enabling scammers seeking to take advantage of novice investors,” Tepfer explains. “Since anyone can set up his own site, that has facilitated a dramatic rise in the number of online trading sites, most of which are unregulated by the world’s prominent, dependable governmental financial oversight agencies,” he adds. “MyChargeBack has proven itself successful in allowing the victims of such online fraud to fight back because it has created effective strategies that facilitate their reimbursement,” Tepfer says. “And that is why the services that MyChargeBack offers are absolutely vital to our clients.”

The vast majority of the thousands of victims of binary options scams that have been assisted by MyChargeBack have reported remarkably similar stories. For example, they first became aware they were scammed when they attempted withdraw their funds. To prevent that from happening, the scammers quickly empty the customer’s account, or require a massive deposit of additional funds that dwarf the withdrawal request. When investors continue to demand their money back, their account managers, who uniformly were friendly and cheery until now, will turn abusive and eventually break off contact. Client telephone numbers are blocked and emails bounce back. When clients who can do find a way to get through to the company involved, they are told that the account managers have left their firms without forwarding addresses, or that their account information cannot be located.  On certain rare occasions, entire online sites have even shut down as well.  

“What’s most important for victims of online fraud is not to give up hope,” Tepfer concludes. “Rules and regulations exist that are designed to protect consumers, and we are here to make it easier for our clients to successfully employ them.”

About MyChargeBack is owned and operated by Cactil LLC, an American dispute resolution consultancy firm headquartered in New York with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The MyChargeBack team, which has recovered more than $4 million in funds for its clients to date, is comprised of professionals with extensive financial, legal and regulatory backgrounds who assist victims of binary option scams retrieve their money. MyChargeBack is able to accomplish that because it knows how chargebacks work and how to ensure that each client’s case will be presented effectively to the bank.

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