DTIB has just released a brand new oral fluid Cotinine Rapid Test called NICDetect.

DTIB has just released a brand new oral fluid Cotinine Rapid Test called NICDetect.

Smoking causes more deaths than the combined impact of alcohol use, firearm deaths, HIV, illegal drug use, and motor vehicle accidents.  At least 1300 people die each day, related to smoking issues, and in the US, 8.6 million people have been determined to live with a serious illness caused by smoking, both directly or indirectly. Every day 4,000 teens smoke their first cigarette.

In the Workplace, $97 billion in lost productivity on the job is attributed to nicotine use because of illness and even the addictive need for smoking breaks.  In addition, $93 billion in additional health care costs have been considered to have been placed on employer benefits plans.

The NICDetect is an oral fluid cotinine rapid test that offers exceptional accuracy and provides results in less than 10 minutes. The NICDetect targets routine, daily, and habitual tobacco/nicotine use and eliminates second hand smoke exposure and occasional and light-nicotine use. This oral swab type test allows you to collect a sample anytime/anywhere, is easy to use and read and provides instant results instead of waiting 24-48 hours for a laboratory result.

The NICDetect is an ideal choice for the life insurance industry, occupational health/wellness/workplace testing, nicotine free workplaces, smoking cessation programs, community programs, schools, concerned families, and parents. 

For more information on NICDetect visit the drug test products page at NICDetect or call us at (866) 465-2855

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