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“At Banner Road, we pledge to deliver not only the very best product, but consistently superior customer service.”
Banner Road Baking Company makes what our customers say is the “world’s best” granola in six unique & enticing flavors! Using the very best organic ingredients, natural sweeteners and extra virgin olive oil, we bake our clumps & clusters to a rich golden brown. We don’t stop until we achieve that illusive “WOW” factor! Our eye-catching graphics and packaging not only stand apart from the crowd, but relay a sense of authenticity and transparency while preserving product freshness & structure.

Banner Road Baking Company makes what our customers say is the “world’s best” granola! A benchmark we set for ourselves upon inception, we are thrilled to hear this mantra echoed by our customers and retailers. As chefs and artists, we knew we could breathe life into a crowded category that had become lackluster and unappealing. We identified the aspects of granola to change or polish and set about doing just that.

This are our six amazing and flavor-full varieties for your enjoyment:

The Original – Our flagship granola, this variety is chock full of organic Missouri pecans, tart cherries and coconut chips. We think it’s great atop yogurt or straight out of the can. The Original was recently awarded 5 Bronze medals in the Healthy Snack Awards sponsored by Taste TV in San Francisco.

Bye Bye Blues – Organic wild blueberries, puffed millet and English walnuts are all ingredients high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. Great with milk or a between-meal snack!

Kick Start – Partnering with local vendors builds community. Askinosie Chocolate and Sump Coffee are perfect compliments to each other in this variety. One of our customers called this granola “hip Cocoa Puffs!” Made with extra virgin olive oil and full of nutritious nuts, seeds and grains, we think this flavor sings in milk. But we also like it atop gelato or ice cream!

Monkey Suit – Who doesn’t love peanut butter and banana? We use organic honey, ripe banana puree and roasted peanuts in this variety. Chock full of protein, Monkey Suit might just recall your favorite childhood memory. We love this with milk or as a snack, but it’s also mind-blowing when substituted for chips in your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!

Midnight Snack – Inspired by our love of Indian cuisine. Cashews, sweet potato, coconut chips and golden raisins mingle with organic honey, coconut milk and traditional spices including turmeric for a vibrant taste sensation! Great atop yogurt or as a snack, we also love it as “croutons” on a salad. Anti-Oxidant rich!

Oh Snap! – Think of your favorite gingersnap plus more ginger! Tiny bits of crystallized ginger make this lively concoction of warming spices, molasses, puffed buckwheat and grains an incomparable treat at breakfast or anytime. 

The whole food ingredients we select are clean, clear and of the highest quality. We don’t compromise on ingredients and don’t concede until we find that illusive “WOW” factor in flavor and texture. Our granolas contain no refined or cane sugar and are one of the lowest in grams of natural sweetener of any on the market. We have a high ratio of protein-rich nuts, seeds and fruits in all of our products. By using extra virgin olive oil and employing a few chef techniques in baking, we achieve our appealing clumps and clusters. Packaged in tubes mimicking the grain silos of Chef Anne’s childhood, our relatable and appealing graphics stand apart from the many pouches on grocery shelves. In both 11 ounce and 4 ounce Grab & Go containers, our granolas are perfect as a post-workout snack, after a long run or after a tough day at the office. One of our repeat customers recently said, “This granola is delicious, amazing, life changing! I hid it from my family to make it last.”

Banner Road Baking Company is woman-owned and champions a sustainable and transparent business model. Service to our customers, employees and community is paramount to us. We strive to effect change on a larger scale by the vendors and ingredients we select. We believe that organic agriculture is the key to reclaiming positive health in our country. In addition, Banner Road donates a portion of our profits to the Usher Syndrome Coalition. Usher Syndrome is the leading cause of deaf/blindness in the US and Chef Anne’s daughter, Maliea, has Usher Syndrome. As we grow, we hope to have an impact on these two important fronts.

Please take a moment to visit our website at: to learn more about us. We are a rapidly growing company with representation in 125 retail stores nationwide. We’d love to share our granola enthusiasm with you!

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