Famous Israeli-American Psychic and Medium Miki Jacobs Announces New Event to Connect and Communicate with ‘Team in Spirit’

May 29, 2018 – The world beyond isn’t divided and spirits and angels too form teams. A unique event by world famous psychic and medium Miki Jacobs will gather them together for each participant to connect with their ‘Team in Spirit’.

“A Day With Your ‘Team’ In Spirit – Your Angels, Spirit Guides, And Departed Loved Ones” is a three-hour workshop and gallery reading event to be held on June 23, 2018 at Oak Creek Ranch in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, CA. The event is structured around Miki’s popular book, “SOUL SECRETS – A Spiritual Guidebook to Your TEAM – Angels, Spirit Guides, and Departed Loved Ones”.

The event will see Miki channel powerful messages from any of the Team members in spirit. These messages offer information and guidance on life and loved ones, intuitive medical information on health, safety and well-being, and messages from departed loved ones about continuation of our souls after physical death.

The spirit world, the afterlife, energy healing and channeling are an essential part of New Age philosophy. Miki Jacobs, the international medium, spiritual teacher, speaker, and author has something for everyone who will attend the event. The gallery reading session will include messages from angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones. Participants will learn about their Team members, their unique purposes, and how they can guide, support and protect us.

A Day With Your ‘Team’ In Spirit will also reveal the signs used by angels and spirits to communicate with us, and how to identify and remove certain beliefs and ideas that block us from connecting with our Team in spirit. The event will show the spiritual work necessary to prepare the groundwork for communication, and how to directly communicate using methods such as meditation, inner voice, automatic writing and visualization.

You will not want to miss this amazing, powerful spiritual event where you will contact your Team in the spirit world, your angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones,” says Miki Jacobs.

This is an informative, powerful, and uplifting spiritual event that will transform your life!

Date: Saturday June 23rd, 2018
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Where: Oak Valley Ranch Topanga, Los Angeles, CA
Fee: $75/person, 2 for $130, 3 for $180

About Miki Jacobs          

In her work as a medium Miki has given thousands of amazing readings to clients in her office, and to people around the world, both over the phone, as well as in a group setting. Through her books, lectures and workshops, on spiritual retreats and cruise ships, radio show interviews, her YouTube videos, webinars, and various media interviews, Miki teaches people how to view their personal life, and the world around us from the perspective of their soul and not their mind. She also presents the Spirit World’s perspective on global and personal topics. She records a bi-monthly free webinar series were she discusses various spiritual topics that is available as an archive on her YouTube channel titled “Angel Chat”. She periodically helps people who are in urgent need of guidance and volunteers her time as the hospital chaplain in her hometown of Temecula, CA.

For more information, please visit: www.mikijacobs.com

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