MCS~ Fund announces official launch with a fundraiser event

Volunteer-driven 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, MCS~ Fund, set to be launched in June with a kickoff fundraiser to mark the official launch

MCS~Fund is a volunteer-driven 501(c) (3) non-profit organization under the umbrella of KINCAID’S KINDRED SPIRITS, INC. (KKS) “Citizens for Healthy Living” established to provide financial assistance to individuals affected by Sickle Cell Anemia. The organization has stated that it will be officially launching operations in June, with a kickoff fundraiser organized to announce the official launch as well as to celebrate the 50th birthday of the founder, Teresa S. McCurry.

Sickle cell anemia is one of the most deadly and unfortunately commonest diseases in the world, with statistics showing that about 4.4 million people have the sickle-cell disease as of 2015, with an additional 43 million people having sickle-cell trait. Persons that have this disease suffer from various acute and chronic complications, with many of them having a high mortality rate. While no cure has been identified, patients require constant management of the condition to ensure they lead a happy life. Unfortunately, managing sickle cell anemia can be expensive, complicated and sometimes overwhelming for patients. This is where MCS ~ FUND is making a difference and aiming to help those individuals financially. 

The foundation aims to raise unrestricted funds for Sickle Cell Anemia affected individuals, while offering them all the necessary assistance through Supportive Services & Advocacy, taking serving the needs of people plagued by the disease as not only our mission but a passion.

The MCS ~ Fund was birthed as a result of Teresa S. McCurry’s daughter, Meesha Chanell Saxton, being with Sickle Cell Disease on October 17, 1995. Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders. The main function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body and release the oxygen to the tissues of the body.  Normal red cells are round with an indented center and very flexible, so they can move freely through the smallest blood vessels (capillaries). In Sickle Cell Anemia, due to the abnormal hemoglobin, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen very well.  The cells become sickle shaped or pointed, rigid, sticky and brittle. These abnormal red cells cannot move freely through the blood vessels; they stick together and block the blood vessels.  Therefore, Sickle Cells cannot supply oxygen to the tissues properly.  The result is tissue damage and possibly tissue death (ischemia). This process causes extreme pain, called Sickle Cell Crisis.

Teresa’s mother had sickle cell trait, and as her child she received the sickle gene mutation from her. While neither did Teresa nor her husband have the disease, while they both had the trait, the defective gene was passed on to Meesha. With that being said, due to complications and the miseducation of this disease, she passed away on December 24, 1996. 

Otherwise known as the Meesha C. Saxton Fund, the organization advisory board consists of five highly-motivated and dedicated individuals. Members of the advisory board include Teresa S. McCurry, the Founder, Melvina Saxton, the President, Susan Turner, Vice President, Vera White, Secretary, Miranda Blount, Treasurer, and Lauretta Amanor, as the Fundraiser.

“Our vision is that we help Sickle Cell Anemia affected individuals financially as part of KKS Sickle Cell Anemia Adult Community Outreach. I thank you in advance for your generous donation no matter how big or small, every dollar helps,” says Teresa S. McCurry.

The fundraiser scheduled to take place in June will mark the official kickoff of the organization, as well as celebrate the achievements and passion of the founder, Teresa S. McCurry, as she clocks 50.

More information about the organization, the fundraiser, and how to be a part of this laudable lifesaving initiative can be found on the website.

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