Interviz Launches Premium Eye Cooling Mask for Puffy Eyes and Other Painful Eye Conditions

Interviz, LLC, a company started by a team of doctors who offer free eye services around the world to people in need, has launched a new product, the MediViz Cooling Eye Mask, that offers immediate and long term relief for puffy eyes and other eye related issues. The Cooling Eye Mask is now available from its Amazon page with a full refund guarantee, and part of the sales will go towards bringing the gift of eyesight to many in the world.

Eyes are the windows to our soul, but unfortunately also targets for pathogens and allergens. The new Eye Mask for puffy eyes helps in alleviating the symptoms, works as an eye compress, and relives a range of painful and uncomfortable symptoms, such as dark circles, headaches, migraines, irritation and itchy eyes.

The benefits of applying a cold eye mask or therapy masks have been studied and documented. Puffy eye treatment by cold compress or gel eye mask helps in relieving discomfort from pain caused by allergic conjunctivitis, sinus pressure and headaches, removal of unwanted dark circles, and works as a convenient puffy eye treatment.

MediViz Cold Eye Mask is made with high quality materials and beads, and is a great improvement over other conventional eye masks and cold compress products. As a cooling eye mask, it brings instant relief from painful conditions, and keeps the face looking younger by treating dark circles and puffy eyes.

This cooling eye mask was recommended to me by my optometrist and has definitely brought much-needed relief from my seasonal allergies. As soon as I put the mask on, the itching and puffiness begin to subside. Highly recommend!” says one recent user of MediViz Cold Eye Mask.

Interviz, LLC was started by a team of doctors who offer the gift of eyesight to those who are unable to access medical services. The global initiative is supported by exclusive products branded as SightPros, which aims to improve vision, and relieve uncomfortable eye pain and symptoms caused by refractive errors.

The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is now available from Amazon with 100% refund guarantee. Sales from SightPros products go towards funding free eye clinics and volunteer mission trips around the world to areas where eye or vision care is not available.

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