Specialized Cycling Accident Claims Firm Gets Updated Website

The UK reported last year an average of 3,000 serious injuries of cyclists for the year, with 100 of those cases resulting in death. Cyclist face more perils on the road than those operating motorized vehicles. So when it comes to filing and processing cycling accident claims, it is important for accident victims to be able to work with a professional claims attorney in their area who has experience with handling cycling claims.

United Kingdom – Cycle SOS is the easiest way to file a cycling related accident claim in the UK, and is backed by a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in handling cycling claims.

“Cycling is an active hobby, a sport, and a way of life for a lot of people in the United Kingdom and throughout the world,” says company owner, Mrs L Waine. “At Cycle SOS, we believe that cyclists shouldn’t have to compromise their safety or their peace of mind in order to enjoy doing something that they love. If you have been injured in a cycling related accident or have been a victim of a component malfunction on a bicycle, our professional legal team can help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Rather than helping our clients to get a one time payout to cover their medical expenses, our specialized team will work with you throughout your recovery in order to ensure that you have the means to return to a pre-accident level of health.”

The experienced team behind www.cycle-sos.co.uk/ is made up of accredited personal injury lawyers, specialists, and cyclists. The legal help from Cycle SOS isn’t just limited to cycling accident claims involving a motor vehicle either. Cycle SOS also helps to process claims for component failures, pothole accidents, sports accidents, and more. Covering all aspects of cycling accident claims, Cycle SOS is known as the Cyclist’s National Injury Helpline. The specialized personal injury attorneys understand that, just like with a vehicular accident, there are more than just medical bills to think about when seeking compensation. Cycle SOS helps accident victims to file bike injury claims and to recover lost earnings, medication and medical costs, bike repairs or replacements, and even the cost of clothing and accessories.

While biking is a healthy activity that many use as a sport or as a means of transportation in their daily life, it can be dangerous as well. Although serious injury and death associated with biking accidents in the UK has continued to decrease, there are specialized attorneys ready to help victims of cycling accidents to recover their assets and return to their normal level of health prior to the accident. Claims can be made over the phone or through the company website. All claims are investigated by the legal team and clients are offered a legal call in order to discuss their options following their accident. Cycle SOS also follows up with their clients during the recovery process in order to ensure that their needs are being met and that they are recovering successfully.

Cycle SOS is located at Towneley House, Kingsway, BB11 1BJ. In the United Kingdom. The company can be reached for consultation by phone at +448001959590. Or make a claim directly from the website: https://www.cycle-sos.co.uk/.

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