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There are few online TV channels and websites dedicated to foodie people., a website that enjoys 9.8 million unique followers a month, celebrates culinary traditions. is an online TV channel dedicated to food connoisseurs around the world. The internet-based TV channel, which is also aired through Roku and a few other smart top boxes, is poised for further growth. It has been learnt that the monthly unique follower number has already reached 9.8 million and its growing. gets regular traffic from more than 78 countries. The online channel can be viewed 24/7 and gourmets can learn about the rich cooking traditions of different countries, learn recipes directly from the top chefs and ask culinary questions to the guest chefs and show hosts. According to the owners of the TV channel online, Foody TV celebrates the rich and diverse cooking traditions is mostly viewed in the US and other parts of North America. It is often dubbed as the new black in the culinary shows and cooking competition niche.  As the channel can be viewed online, it has reached more people than any other cooking channel aired through satellites. It has reached 90 million viewers in the USA and the viewer base is growing by leaps and bounds. features some of the best chefs from PBS and Food Network. The ‘Ask the Chef’ option has become the most popular feature of the online food TV channel. Food connoisseurs can get answers for culinary questions directly from the chefs in real time.

“We are grateful to each and every visitor or viewer of our online TV channel. Few of our shows, including The Story of Cooking, Home Grown Cuisine, The Flaming Greek, Regal Fare have become immensely popular. Our chefs are excellent presenters as well and they are happy to answer any question related to culinary traditions, recipes from around the world, cooking tips and tweaks etc. The overwhelming response from our live online viewers inspires us to reach out to a wider section of audience and bring in more variety in our recorded programmes”, owner told the press here in NYC.

Culinary enthusiasts can also watch recorded clippings of the TV programs on YouTube. The official YouTube channel of the food network takes the website to a broader section of audience.  

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