This pair of sunglasses is probably the most recognizable in the world and probably the most copied design too. It is virtually remained unchanged since it was first introduced in 1937. To understand how aviators became a rage, we need to go back all the way to a time just before World War 2.

When it was common for fighter pilots to reach altitudes of more than 30,000 feet but the blinding sun was still a problem and bulky goggles were most certainly out of fashion. This is when United States Air Force pilot named John Macready approached lens makers Bausch and Lomb to come up with a solution something that could shield him from the solar glare and yet retain a sense of sophistication and thus was born the tear-shaped metal rimmed sunglasses, the Ray-Ban Aviators.

It used what Bausch and Lomb called Kalichrome lenses which were bottle-green or pale yellow designed to sharpen the details and minimize haze by filtering out the blue light. Using a scientific anti-glare marketing strategy, it soon became popular with outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, fishermen and golfers.

In 1944, the Ray-Ban Aviator received significant boost in terms of popularity when famed United States (US) Army General Douglas Macarthur was snapped wearing them during the campaign in the Philippines against the Imperial Japanese forces. That became a lasting image of World War 2 for the global press. In no time, Hollywood Stars picked it up and dramatically changed the fashion trends forever through Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses.

In the early 80’s, Ray-Ban entered a product placement deal in partnership with film and television production companies in Hollywood worth around $50-thousand dollars annually.

Ray-Ban eyewear designs particularly the Aviator sunglasses appeared in more than 60 Hollywood films and television shows that resulted in a highly significant sales boost especially from the 1986 blockbuster hit Top Gun starring Tom Cruise who was seen wearing these iconic sunglasses.

However, in its effort to make Ray-Ban a mass market brand in America, Bausch and Lomb started to sell their own Aviator sunglasses for as low as $19-dollars at a myriad convenience stores and gasoline stations across the United States which is often with flimsy frames and substandard lenses.

Saving it from the verge of a collapse, an Italian eyewear brand Luxottica bought Ray-Ban from Bausch and Lomb which was worth $640-million back in 1999 and from then on Luxottica used newer materials such as lightweight carbon fiber with an additional sophisticated lens technology. Luxottica once again made brought back the popularity and upscale Aviators at the same time inspirational.

Within a decade, its starting price is a whopping $129-dollars, nowadays, with a heftier price tag, the Ray-Ban Aviators still remain as the most favoured choice among Luxottica’s range of sunglasses and it was all done by staying true to its original vintage design.

Despite the very expensive price tag of the Ray-Ban Aviators, there are still manufacturers that offer a very low price just like what Bausch and Lomb made with the same quality and appearance.

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