WIZBL, the revolutionary new blockchain technology with lightning fast transaction speed will launch their ICO on 15th June

WIZBL is the 5th generation of blockchain technology that generates immediate transaction speeds using the decentralized ledger verification system. It overcomes the limitations of the conventional blockchain technologies which offer a limited number of transactions per second that are suitable for Small Medium Enterprises but not large-scale businesses. The platform is all set to launch their token sale on 15th June this year.

Through the ICO, WIZBL will offer the WBL token, a native cryptocurrency that will grant access to the token holders to the platform as well as coin swap. A total of 500 million WBL tokens will be generated, out of which 150 million will be available for sale through the ICO. The token exchange rate is 1 WBL=1 USD. In the first two phases of the ICO, the investors will be able to earn a bonus of 40% and 20% respectively.

WIZBL is already providing the wallet service that supports real-time peer to peer transaction processing. By eliminating the data concentration on the central server, it manages to optimize transaction processes and verification speeds so that blocks can be produced every 1-3 seconds. The platform also cuts down on CPU energy consumption while maximizing security efforts to protect assets and value across the blockchain.

WIZBL and its blockchain platform are one of the first to bring solutions to the shortcomings faced by the traditional blockchain technologies. It uses the Distributed Database Management System (DDMS) through the installed wallet software, for offering an ultra-fast and transaction speeds and reliable validation system. WIZBL has built a blockchain real-time ecosystem that’s scalable across all size of industries and can also be developed to meet corporate needs with complex data structures.

The WIZBL token will help the platform to implement all the technologies and processes effectively. The WBL token is a small-scale system equipped with a transaction function in the wallet. This system will exchange verification of system users and employs a central system that verifies the key values that are generated during transactions. It then processes the exchange of currency between the two parties and the keys generated in every exchange are distributed to trader A, trader B, and the central system.

WIZBL is founded by a team of expert professionals with great experience and insight into the blockchain industry, marketing, and development. Ryan Lee, a Merril Lynch Alumni has quick banking and launched a cryptocurrency hedge fund is sitting on the advisor as well.  More information about the platform can be found at wizbl.io.

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@wizbl.io.

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