Cosmetic Dentist North Houston, Independence Heights TX, Interviewed on TMJ Disorders Solution TMD Treatment

“Dr. Behzad Nazari, owner and cosmetic dentist at Antoine Dental Center at North Houston, TX”
Dr. Behzad Nazari, owner and dentist at Antoine Dental Center at North Houston, TX, was recently interviewed about the effects of TMJ disorders on the whole body. Not only does this condition affect over 10 million of Americans, resulting in chronic pain and headaches, it can also be detrimental to daily routine. Dr. Nazari discusses the ways that TMD Treatment can help to reduce the severity of the symptoms, or to eliminate them altogether.

Dr. Behzad Nazari, dentist from Antoine Dental Center in North Houston, TX, was recently interviewed on Doctor Relations’ health network about TMJ disorders. Known as TMD, this disorder affects the temporomandibular joint. It is the misalignment of the jaw joint.  

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The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research published a report showing that 5-12% of the U.S. population is affected by TMD, the main cause of general jaw pain. It further showed that 95% of TMD patients are women. However, two out of three people seek treatment. The pain that comes with TMD may be mistaken for simple headaches, but it is not a simple condition. 

“TMJ disorder is often mistaken for regular headaches, however, it is crucial to seek treatment before surgery becomes the last option. There are dire consequences of negligence in getting the appropriate treatment for TMD. Severe pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that facilitate jaw movement hampers daily routines and life,” said Dr. Nazari 

Conditions worsen over time when problems aren’t detected at the beginning stages. TMD often starts out with simple headaches. Without treatment, it may lead to chronic jaw pain, recurring headaches and other adverse effects.  

In order to enable patients to begin treatment early enough, Dr. Nazari gives a free dental consultation, exam and X-rays. This also works as a second opinion for patients who have had a dentist suggest a certain treatment plan and want to have it reviewed.  

“The importance of getting TMD diagnosed early is that it prevents the need for surgery and starts off non-surgical treatment first,” said DrNazari. 

Dr. Nazari also offers 3D X-rays, which contain up to 80% less radiation, and sedation, which helps patients with a relaxed and pain-free experience while visiting the dentist.  “The patient’s general health is a priority for me, and I want to help in eradicating headaches and jaw pain before it adversely affects the whole body,” said Dr. Nazari . “With technological advancements, those experiencing the consequences of TMJ disorder can access different solutions at my office at any stage!”  

I would like to Thank the staff at Antoine Dental,” said Irenia W. “I have been treated with professional, courteous and. Ethical dental care. They assist you in planning your dental care, helping you with financial options. They treat your every need, emotional, medical etc….I will be their patient for life. 

Dental work is not the only thing Dr. Nazari does, he has also organized community welfare programs such as food drives, free dental days and many other campaigns in partnership with the Houston Food Bank. 

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